HP Laptop Connected But No Internet: 5 Ways To Fix

hp laptop connected but no internet
hp laptop connected but no internet

HP Laptops are considered to be amongst the most reliable laptop devices. They are used all over the world and are known for their high performance and ease of use.

Connecting to the Internet through your HP laptop is usually an easy, hassle-free process. The most convenient and easy way of connecting to the Internet using your HP laptop is Wi-Fi networking. This allows you to use the Internet without attaching any cord to your laptop.

How To Fix HP Laptop Connected But No Internet

Most of the time, the HP laptop users are able to browse the Internet without any issues. However, there is a possibility of experiencing different connectivity issues that may disrupt the service, leaving users unable to use the Internet. If you are not getting Internet on your HP laptop, here are a few things that you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

1) Use Your HP Laptop’s Automatic Troubleshooting

You can use the tools by Microsoft or HP to automatically check for any issues with your wireless Internet connection. You can use HP’s Support Assistant. It has a special code that is specifically designed for HP computers. In case you do not have the Support Assistant on your laptop, you can use the Windows automatic troubleshooter.

2) Reinstall The Driver For Wireless Network Adapter

Sometimes the issue is with the registry files on your computer. There is also a possibility of a corrupt driver. So removing the driver and reinstalling it again can solve the problem. It will reset the configurations. After that, the driver will be properly setup and your laptop will be able to access it by Windows.

3) Update The Drivers For Wireless Network

One of the reasons why you may not be able to connect to the Internet from your HP laptop may be an outdated wireless network driver. So download and install the latest drivers for the wireless adapter. This may resolve Internet connectivity issues.

4) Perform a System Restore

Sometimes the users knowingly or unknowingly change settings that lead to Internet connectivity issues. There is a possibility that some programs may have caused the changes. So if you were using your computer and the Internet was working fine previously, but you are only facing the issue now, then you can try performing a System Restore. You can restore the system to a previous date when you were not having any connectivity issues. This may solve the problem.

5) Contact Your Internet Service Provider

There is a possibility that your Internet Service provider may be having some technical issues at their end. You can first check if the problem is device-specific or is general with your internet by using the Internet from some other device. If the problem is not specific to your HP laptop, then contact your Internet Service Provider and they will help you resolve the issue.

The Bottom Line

HP laptops have their own automatic troubleshooters that are able to check the Internet connections and fix them. However, sometimes the issue is with the Wireless Network Adapter’s drivers that may need to be reinstalled or updated. Taking the steps mentioned above is likely to solve the Internet Connectivity Issue that you are experiencing.

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