How to Transfer Number from Safelink to Another Service?

how to transfer number from safelink to another service
how to transfer number from safelink to another service

Back in 2008, during the tenure of George W. Bush, SafeLink continued a governmental program to provide citizens under certain financial range free cell phones. Throughout history many presidents enacted bills and promoted plans that sought to put in practice the universal access to telephony in the U.S.

With the last plan being the one finally put in practice, U.S. citizens had only to enrol and provide the department a bit of personal and family income details.

The idea was to collect information that could prove you belong to the low-income portion of the population, to receive a free smartphone and a large calling allowance.

Since then, many other private companies, particularly the ones which are not involved in government-supported programs, began developing more affordable telephony.

Their plan was to reach that portion of the population where smartphones and big data allowances were not a reality. From then on, users who could not, in prior times, sign up for a larger calling threshold, became able to enjoy calls and internet access for longer periods.

using other carriers’ SIM cards

In that moment, these users, who used to rely on SafeLink, began enquiring about the possibility of profiting from the SafeLink service while using other carriers’ SIM cards.

Due to the huge number of enquiries, we came up with a list of relevant information, should you find yourself searching for the same answer. So, without further ado, here is all you have to know regarding the possibility of using your SafeLink plan with a different carriers’ SIM card .

How to Transfer Number from Safelink to Another Service?

Answering the question: Yes, you can. However, there is a series of procedures that must be followed and features that have to be enabled before you can actually profit from SafeLink zero rates with other carriers’ SIM cards.

Right away, there are two extremely relevant functionalities that must be changed before even considering enjoying the benefits of a SafeLink plan.

The first regards the setup of the APN, or Access Point Name, that is the set of information that allows a carrier’s servers to connect to a specific device and provide the internet signal transfer.

The second concerns the provision of the personal information SafeLink requests in order to activate the service. So, let’s get to them and set up and get your SafeLink service enabled with another carrier’s SIM card.

  1. What Is The First Step?

use SafeLink services through other carrier’s SIM card

Since the idea is to use SafeLink services through other carrier’s SIM card, the first thing you will have to do is order a SIM card from the carrier you choose to get the service from.

Nowadays it is as easy as receiving a letter in the mail, as providers offer the online purchase option. Alternatively, you can make your way to one of your carrier’s shops and purchase a SIM card on your own. Both ways are quite practical and should get you the SIM card in no time.

Once you have the SIM card, you will have to contact the carrier’s customer support to get the information regarding the APN settings. Once you add the parameters to the APN settings, the signal should be enabled for that carrier’s service.

Simply inform them of the model of the mobile you wish to insert the SIM card into. After that, they should not only provide you the information but also walk you through how to change or add the parameters regarding the APN.

Some carriers even offer the possibility of remotely setting the APN settings, in this case, you will not be required to perform the configuration yourself.

inserting it into the SIM tray

Lastly, some carriers provide their subscribers with SIM cards that already carry the information and, upon inserting it into the SIM tray, the system is able to recognize the new APN parameters and perform the configuration itself.

In the last case, all you will have to do is follow the prompt on your mobile screen and the SIM card will do the rest.

  1. What Is The Second Step?

through the provision of information with SafeLink

Secondly, you will have to go through the provision of information with SafeLink so they can register your claim and, once it is approved, provide you with their free plans.

In order to do so, you will have to contact their customer support department and provide the required information to submit your claim.

That point involves personal and financial information, so have your documents and proof of income around, as these are the most sensitive pieces of information SafeLink will require you to provide.

The procedure also involves a portability of your carrier’s number into SafeLink’s registry. That means SafeLink is allowing your number, which comes from a different carrier, to use their system, servers and all the other relevant aspects of their telephony service.

It is as if you have a SafeLink account registered under another carrier’s mobile number. Once the claim is approved, you should receive the necessary information to perform the configuration of SafeLink’s system into your mobile phone .

Follow the steps to perform these initial settings and, once all is done, it should take you around 24 hours for SafeLink to enable their services into the ported mobile number.

IMEI number of the mobile

Upon the first access into SafeLink’s services, you will be prompted to provide your personal account number, which is the IMEI number of the mobile. At this moment a PIN is not required, so there is no need to worry about that for now.

What Sould I do After I Complete Steps One and Two?

What Sould I do After I Complete Steps One and Two

Once you activate the other carrier’s SIM card on your mobile and provided the relevant info to SafeLink, there is a series of settings that must be done. These settings concern the activation of the mobile device. So, follow the steps below and get the mobile registered and configured to use SafeLink’s services:

  • Firstly, remove the battery of your SafeLink wireless mobile. The battery can be reached by sliding down the back cover of the device.
  • Secondly, remove the SafeLink’s SIM card from the tray. This will be the white little card with SafeLink’s logo on it. There might be a security lock, so make sure to disable it before attempting to remove the SIM card or else it might get damaged.
  • Then, insert the new SIM card in the tray (the one you purchased from the carrier of your choice). Bear in mind that the SIM card will only work if properly inserted, so make sure the connectors of the SIM card are set upon the ones of the chipset.
  • Install the battery back and slide up the back cover to securely fasten the battery onto the power connectors.
  • That should do it and you will probably start receiving SafeLink’s signal in no time.

Before Opting For SafeLink

have a bundle subscribed with the other carrier

Bear in mind that, prior to signing up with SafeLink through other carriers, you will be required to settle any ongoing debts you might have. Also, should you have a bundle subscribed with the other carrier, you can always ask SafeLink to top it up or refund the charges.

These charges or the top up are rarely accepted by SafeLink, but it is still worth the shot, as you might end up with the same bundle free of cost.

Any way it goes, with or without the bundle, one thing is for sure: SafeLink will require you to clear the debts before allowing you to use their services. Lastly, should you opt for signing off from SafeLink services, they will also require you to pay any debts you might have.

contact SafeLink Customer Support

You can always contact SafeLink Customer Support, should you find more information is required, or even for any kind of requirements you will need to fulfil before porting your mobile number into their telephony services.

On a final note, should you find out about other easy ways to perform the portability of another carrier’s number into SafeLink services, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and help our fellow users get the cheapest service for their mobile phone services.

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