Assurance Wireless vs Safelink- Comparing 6 Features

assurance wireless vs safelink
assurance wireless vs safelink

What Is Assurance Wireless?

The government provides a service of assurance wireless to people with low wages. Currently these services include two-fifty free minutes, endless messages, and free mobile data every month. There are certain eligibility requirements to join this program. If a person meets all the requirements then they can also be offered with a free mobile phone.

The mobile phone will include the service of sending a voice message, placing a call on hold, and the number of the caller will be provided. The mobile phone will have no hidden charges; it will be totally free of cost. Virgin Wireless is a company that provides mobile phones and free minutes. These services may vary in different states.

What Is Safelink Wireless?

Safelink Wireless is a service provided by the TracFone Wireless, Inc. for the people who have limited resources. Safelink wireless gives one thousand open minutes, endless messages, and wireless internet access every month. The government provides free mobile phones to families with little means and to any person who is financially unstable.

To gain these services, a person must meet certain eligibility requirements. Each state has different requirements. These requirements are based on a person’s participation in state, government assistance programs, or by having income below the poverty line as guided by the United States.

Comparing Assurance Wireless vs Safelink Wireless

Assurance Wireless

1. Network Used

Assurance wireless services use the Sprint network.

2. Rules In Case of Replacement

In case you have lost your mobile phone or it has been stolen, you should immediately contact the customer service. To prevent any unauthorized and illegal access to your account, immediate action must be taken. The company will provide you a replacement for the misplaced or stolen mobile phone. However this time it won’t be free of cost. The company might take charge for this replacement.

3. Text Message Costs and Offers

With the assurance wireless service, you are eligible to get 250 free minutes and text messages as per plan. However, if someone has a greater requirement for talk time or text messages, he or she can purchase them by paying extra. The virgin mobile company provides a Top-Up card of different prices. You can buy these cards according to the offers you want to have. These cards come in a variety of 5 Dollars, 20 Dollars or 30 Dollars.

  • You can get 500 minutes or messages for 5 Dollars
  • You can get 1000 minutes or 1000 messages for 20 Dollars
  • You can get endless minutes, messages, and internet access for 30 Dollars

4. Activate Services

It’s a very simple process to activate the assurance wireless services. First you have to switch on your phone and check for any latest updates. Then switch off your phone. Updated features will be added to your mobile phone once it is switched on again. You can dial 611 to get further details about activating the mobile phone.

5.    Insurance Policy

The official website of Assurance wireless states that they don’t provide any kind of insurance or any details related to the guarantee they ensure. None the less, these products and services come with a guarantee of one year. If the mobile phone is somehow broken during the first year of insurance, then the company will replace it with a new mobile phone which might be the same as the previous model or it could be different from the previous one.

6. Eligibility Requirements

A person can meet the eligibility requirements for using assurance wireless services if they are participating in any public support program such as Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. A person with limited resources and less income can show proof of its income while applying for assurance wireless services.

Safelink Wireless

1. Network Used

Safelink wireless services use the TracFone network which operates as Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

2. Rules In Case of Replacement

If a person loses his mobile phone or it’s stolen, he should immediately report it to the customer service contact number. The company makes sure that the mobile phone is permanently deactivated. If a person wishes to continue receiving Safelink services, the company can either provide a replacement for the lost or stolen mobile phone or the customer can give a mobile phone already being used and can purchase a replacement SIM card provided by the company.

3. Text Message Costs and Offers

Safelink wireless service initially provides 1000 open text messages. If a person uses more than 1000 minutes or text messages, then the customer will have to pay additional charges according the service policy.

  • If the free minutes exceed 68 minutes past the limit then the additional cost per text is 0.06.
  • If the free minutes exceed 125 minutes past the limit then the additional cost per text is 0.06.
  • If the free minutes exceed 250 minutes past the limit then the additional cost per text is 0.06.

4.    Activate Services

There are two ways to activate Safelink on your mobile phones. If you already use a mobile phone provided by the company, then simply text REACT to 611611. If you are activating for the first time then you can log in to your account to check the status of your new mobile phone.

5.    Insurance Policy

The official website of Safelink states that they don’t provide any kind of insurance or any details related to the guarantee they ensure. It is clearly stated in the Safelink policy that the products and services offered by Safelink do not have any guarantee. The products and services have limited guarantee which may last till one year.

6. Eligibility Requirements

A person is eligible to apply for Safelink services if they are already getting any support from the government such as government housing. A person can get these services on the basis of Medicaid and food stamps.

If the family income is very low and no one from the family is already getting services from Safelink, then the person is eligible to apply. The applicant must also have an authentic United States residential address that can receive mail from the United States postal office.

5 thoughts on “Assurance Wireless vs Safelink- Comparing 6 Features”

  1. Good information but please update yourself on Safelink.
    I just called Safelink, who I’ve had through lifeline since 2014 to get next phone sent (because they sent messages that my current phone will stop working due to their change in network, so no fault of mine that it will stop working) but they said they no longer give free phones and only offer the basic service & minutes free for lifeline customers. I am on SSI & disabled which is why I am eligible for lifeline in the first place. I cannot afford to buy a phone. I am sad because they have been a good service up till now and I did not want to change companies but I have no choice. 1/28/2021

  2. That is so true! It is hard to find a phone w/out contract! I finally did & when it was rinky-dink they continued to receive the benefits, w/out the applicant (me) being able to even use it! I switched to Assurance Wireless & am having to get info from SAFELINK (years old) to keep my phone #.

  3. SafeLink has been very unfair with me. They do not fix my services correctly when I call for support, and they will not send me a new smartphone because they say I brought one of my own. (Byop) I can’t afford another phone ever time I need a replacement…. plus they do not appreciate I’ve been a customer with them for over 11 years. I’m in process of switching but not sure who to go with??

  4. Well I was suddenly cut off today while on the phone with the doctor who is caring for my husband in the hospital. There was no warning I had no idea that I had basically zero minutes. I will have to wait until February 14th to get my minutes! I have Wi-Fi in house so that’s not an issue at all. I’ve had this SafeLink service and have my own smartphone for many years now. There was nothing that the technicians could do to provide me with additional minutes for a short period of time until my husband is stable and out of the hospital. I just cannot believe it

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