How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere? (3 Ways)

how to get internet in the middle of nowhere
how to get internet in the middle of nowhere

From the moment you open your eyes to the sound of your alarm, throughout the whole day and until the time you fall asleep watching the episode of your favourite series on streaming platforms.

The internet is present in our lives pretty much all the time, unless you choose to cast yourself away from society. With all its uses and demands, internet connections had to get smarter and more efficient, which could be achieved with the advent of the wireless networks.

Users could navigate faster and enjoy more stability in their connections and routers made internet signal reach the whole house through multiple devices.

That is how important internet connections became for the world nowadays. But what happens when you find yourself in an area where you simply cannot get internet signal whatsoever?

the middle of the desert

Even though areas where users cannot get any coverage are pretty scarce nowadays, there are still some out there. And we are not talking about the middle of the desert, or even the middle of nowhere, as the expression that refers to being away from all traces of society means to say.

Should you ever find yourself in such an area, bear in mind that yes, there is always a way to get some form of internet connection and still feel like you belong in the world.

How Do I Get The Internet Signal In The Middle Of Nowhere?

Most people rely on ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, to receive their signals through the equipment onto their routers, which in turn distributes internet ‘juice’ to the devices that are connected to it.

Also, most internet providers offer their internet solutions through telephone cables, which have been setup throughout most cities for quite a long time now.

Of course, nowadays, the telephone cable is simply a vector for the internet signal to reach your home or business network and deliver all the possibilities that an internet connection can offer. Either way, the signal is passed on to your connection devices thanks to the services provided by a carrier.

That led internet service providers to enhance both

Upon the first release of internet connections and, due to the poorly advanced technologies of the time, a lot of users experienced severe instabilities with their connections. That led internet service providers to enhance both the strength and the quality of their signal distribution.

Once they reached a point in which the internet signal they were transmitting was reliable and fast enough, they turned their attention to a different problem.

What if my subscribers are left without electricity? Or worse, what if I am left without power to supply my servers, antennas and all other equipment used in the distribution of internet signal?

What To Do If I Find Myself In The Middle Of Nowhere?

What To Do If I Find Myself In The Middle Of Nowhere

Answering the question from the last topic, ISPs invested a lot of time and money to build and maintain a structure that is ready to provide them the possibility of keeping their services up and running even during a catastrophic disaster.

Those are called back-up suppliers and they deliver power to servers, antennas and all the gear required for the distribution of the internet signal to customers. After all, it is in those exact moments when people need to able to communicate and receive information the most.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere situation, that probably means you are out of electricity. That means most devices, such as desktops or any computing device that does not have a built-in battery, won’t work.

Therefore, whenever possible, have some sort of device that carries an internal battery on you so you can get some internet signal no matter how far you are from society and get someone to come and pick you up.

How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere?

How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere

Following the topic above, only battery-powered devices are able to get internet signals when in the middle of nowhere situations kick in. So, should you find yourself in one of those places, this are your options to go back to feeling like you still belong in the world.

  1. Your Mobile Might Save You

Your Mobile Might Save You

Yes, surely the first and easiest way you can get internet signal in the middle of nowhere is through your mobile phone. Even in areas where electricity is gone, or simply not working for the time being, mobile internet systems can receive signals, especially if they come from satellites and antennas.

So, that device you keep on you most of the time and that you use so frequently might be the life saver you have been hoping for in the times of need.

Surely, you will need it to be charged with battery enough for you to connect and perform whatever sort of procedures you opt for in that situation. Simply use your mobile as a wireless hub and get yourself connected to the internet, and for that matter, to society as well.

  1. Satellite Internet Will Be A Great Ally

Satellite Internet Will Be A Great Ally

Remember those movies where huge waves destroy cities, or sharks are carried away from their marine habitats through tornadoes and the whole city is terrified?

If you have watched any of those catastrophe movies, you know the first thing most people do is run to the hills, or anywhere else they can find protection from the calamity that is befalling upon them.

Even in those events, satellite internet signals should remain up, as they are not depending on any factors down here on Earth to perform their duties. As long as they keep on orbiting the planet, you can get internet signal on your battery-powered device.

For sure, it is no easy trick to work your way around setting up a satellite connection with your mobile, but should you have the expertise, that is where you should place your chips.

  1. Or Else, Try Using A Ham Radio

Or Else, Try Using A Ham Radio

Long before the internet and all the ultra-advanced transmission devices we see in futuristic movies were ever conceived, people communicated through ham radios. The best part is that this device, no matter how outdated, is still able to transmit internet signal through its radio waves.

Of course, most people nowadays wouldn’t even be able to recognise a ham radio if they ever saw one but, once again, should you know how to work yourself around a radio enough to turn it into an internet transmitting device, that is what you should hold on to in moments of disaster.

In The End

In The End

Before our planet is hit with catastrophic events such as the ones listed in this article, or any other that would simply send us back to the time when electricity wasn’t even a word yet, check out how to get internet through a ham radio.

Moreover, it is far more likely that you find yourself in an easier position to turn your mobile into a wireless hub that can receive the internet signal directly from satellites. Any way you decide to go, just make sure you have the required expertise to refrain from being integrally casted away from the internet world.

On a final note, should you hear about other ways to get internet in the middle of nowhere, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and help our fellow users get away from these tough situations.

Also, by leaving a comment, you will be helping us reach more people and possible solutions to this problem.

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