How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere? (3 Ways)

how to get internet in the middle of nowhere
how to get internet in the middle of nowhere

The Internet is an essential part of modern human life. It plays a very important role in every aspect of life that our lives have become almost dependable on wireless internet connection. There are countless times that we use the internet in a single day. Ever thought about losing this technology? What if you go somewhere where there are no internet service providers? How to get internet in the middle of nowhere?

We have sorted out for you all the ways that you can get internet access in the middle of nowhere just stick with us through the article.

What Is Meant By “Middle Of Nowhere”? 

You must have heard about this phrase “middle of nowhere” probably a thousand times but have you ever given it a thousand that what it actually means? Middle Of Nowhere doesn’t actually imply you being in some deserted area or a place where there is no one but it is an expression of language. It signifies a situation of unfortunate emergency or maybe a disaster. Any such circumstances when you feel like you’re all alone on your own and there’s no one to ask for help.

Let’s say that due to some catastrophic disaster, you’re left alone with no electricity and no telecom service.  Chances are that you just like most people would lose it all. However, you might not know, but even without electricity and power, there’s a chance that you’d be able to access internet services on your device.

How You Get Internet Services?

The majority of people get access to internet services through their selected respective company’s phone lines or maybe throughout the cable TV subscription plans.  Whatever might be the case, signal transmission of the internet to your dear home sweet home is necessary either way and your service provider is usually responsible for it.

All these telecom companies generally store a massive amount of back-up power supply to provide their customers with nonstop internet facilities. So, no matter if you don’t have an electrician in your area, it would still be having those internet signal transmissions as usual.

How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere

Talking about ways to access internet services in the middle of nowhere, it is better to exclude the power availability since you can’t have access to proper electricity supply in the middle of nowhere for your computing devices.

Obviously, in such situations, only the devices that are powered by batteries that can be recharged are top preferences. Now let’s learn about ways in which you’ll be able to access the internet on these rechargeable devices in the middle of nowhere.

  1. By Using Your Cell Phone

The thing you care about the most might be able to save you in a circumstantial crisis. YES! your cell phone will probably be your best friend at times like this when there’s no electricity or no power supply. You can easily access the internet if you have your cell phone with you. You can use it as a wireless hub that allows you to connect to Internet services.

  1. By Using Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet connection is one of those things that won’t be affected by any unfortunate situation. The earthy hazards won’t have any impact on Satellite signals and the internet services will likely be unaffected by the disasters of Earth. The only thing that will block the satellite internet is if you’re underground where there won’t be sny satellite signals.

  1. Using Ham Radio

Ham radio devices that have been for a long time, long before the internet ever existed, can also be used to access modern internet services. All it needs to get a Ham Radio working to get internet access is a little technical know-how. Logically, the Ham radios are a lot better and most reliable means of communication than any other device, especially during any disastrous moments.


So, how to get the internet in the middle of nowhere? Just get to know a little more about Ham radios, Satellite Internet, and power outages for if you stuck in some off-grid electric crisis. The key to still stay positive about finding a solution is to have all the right type of equipment that can get you access to an Internet connection.

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