4 Steps To Reset Dish Remote

how to reset dish remote
how to reset dish remote

Dish Network delivers satellite TV services throughout the whole U.S. territory with outstanding quality and a remarkable list of channels. It’s entertainment in its purest form, as subscribers claim.

Their excellent audio and video quality put the company in the top echelons of the business nowadays.

Particularly for people that can’t afford high-speed internet connections that enable streaming TV services into their home entertainment setups, Dish satellite TV is a solid option.

Alongside the voice remote control, Dish subscribers also get DVR service, which allows them to record their favourite TV shows to be watched later on.

The voice remote feature is highly regarded by users, who constantly mention its practicality and user-friendly system. Unfortunately, that is not all that is said regarding the feature.

As many users have been mentioning, Dish’s voice remote control experiences problems every now and then. However easy to solve, that is not the only issue users have been complaining about.

considering subscribing to Dish as your satellite TV provider

So, if you are considering subscribing to Dish as your satellite TV provider, or if you already have it but are facing the voice remote control issue, let us walk you through this set of information we came up with.

We hope to help you better understand the issue that is affecting the performance of your Dish voice remote control as well as to easily fix it.

So, without further ado, here is all you need to know about the feature, its most common issues, and how to fix them.

What Are The Most Common Issues Associated With Dish Satellite TV?

Being a satellite TV service, Dish provides homes with a TV signal that is first sent through the satellite to subscribers’ dishes, which are usually installed on top of roofs.

From there, the signal reaches the receiver through the coaxial cable and then the TV set, mostly via an HDMI cable. This means every part of the way has to be clear and all components of the transmission must be in good condition for the service to be properly provided.

Therefore, in case the satellite is not efficiently transmitting the signal to the dishes, or the coaxial cable suffers any sort of damage, there could be a problem with the service.

HDMI cable is not working properly

Also, if there’s a faulty connection with the receiver’s input port or if the HDMI cable is not working properly, the outcome should be the same. So, make sure all the components are kept in perfect condition to ensure your part of the transmission is fully covered.

As mentioned before, Dish satellite TV experiences issues every now and then. Even though most of them might be easily fixed, some are more frequent and cause a few headaches when attempting to get rid of them.

For that reason, we brought you today a list of the most common problems users face with their Dish satellite TV service:

  • Signal Loss Or No Signal Issue: This problem causes the transmission of the signal not to reach either the receiver or the TV set. Most of the time, this issue is related to the poor functioning of one of the components. However, as it has been mentioned by users, the answer to the riddle might also lie in the calibration of the dish or even in choosing the correct frequency band. So, if you are experiencing this problem, go to the network settings of your Dish satellite TV and browse through the frequency bands until you find one that is delivering a stronger signal.
  • Black Screen Issue: This problem, upon occurrence, renders the TV screen black and, even though sometimes users can hear the audio, the image is completely gone. Mostly, this issue is related to the parts that are responsible for the picture aspect of the transmission, but it can also be that the image tube is damaged. Many times, the solution to this issue lies in checking cables and connectors. So, inspect them for damage or faulty connections and, if there are no problems, focus your efforts on the TV parts.
  • No Hoppers Found Issue: Dish satellite TV counts on Hoppers and Joeys to deliver the service throughout the house. The Hoppers are the main receivers, while the Joeys are the satellite ones that bring the content into other rooms of the house. It might happen, sometimes, that the dish cannot properly connect to the Hopper, which renders the service null. An easy fix for that issue is to check the condition of the coaxial cable that connects the dish to the Hopper.
  • Missing Channels Issue: This problem causes some channels not to display any picture when tuned in. Most of the time, this problem occurs when subscribers do not have the channels on their satellite TV package and a simple upgrade should handle the issue. However, it can also be related to poor signal transmission, which could lead to a series of causes. Therefore, before attempting more complex fixes, go to the network settings and change the frequency band. That should address the issue and fix the problem.

These are some of the most common issues Dish satellite TV users experience with their service. As you can see, none of them bears difficult fixes. Nevertheless, these are not the only issues with Dish TV service.

find restarting the gadget to be a good one

Most lately, users have been complaining about having problems with the voice remote control feature. Upon seeking solutions for this problem, they often find restarting the gadget to be a good one.

Therefore, if you are facing this same problem, check the steps below to properly restart it. Bear in mind, though, that restarting the voice remote control of your Dish satellite TV should require users to properly calibrate it afterward.

So, don’t skip through this step as it might cause the problem not to get solved and the remote to be rendered useless.

How To Reset Dish Remote?

How To Reset Dish Remote

As explained above, users have been experiencing problems with their voice remote controls when using Dish satellite TV services.

Since the most practical way to handle it is by restarting the device, here are the steps you should follow to properly perform the procedure:

  1. Before any restarting attempts are performed, make sure that you are using the correct remote control for the TV set you are trying to watch. As it goes, users misplace remote controls quite often and may end up using the gadget that is synchronised with a different Joey.
  2. Once the first step is covered, find and click on the ‘Locate Remote’ button on the receiver’s front panel. That should make the remote control beep and it works as a confirmation that you are using the correct gadget for that receiver.

These two simple steps alone may already solve the problem if the source of the issue was related to using a remote that is synced with a different receiver. However, if the problem persists, follow the steps below to properly restart the gadget:

  1. Locate and press the ‘SAT’ button on your remote. For most models, the SAT button is located on the top left corner of the remote, but for the latest ones, the button should be found on the left side of the gadget.
  2. After that, press the ‘System Info’ button and then the SAT button once again.
  3. That should already cause the remote to sync with the receiver, so if the problem persists, it should not be related to the connection between the gadget and the device.
  4. Should that be the case, check the batteries and replace them if the remote doesn’t answer any commands.

Once you follow these steps, there should be no more problems with the remote control. However, in case it persists, you can also try checking if the dish is damaged.

It is not uncommon, especially in windy areas or regions where rains are more severe, that the dish will get affected by the weather. So, grab a ladder and go to your dish to inspect it for any signs of damage.

contact the company and have a professional check it

In case you do notice the dish to be somehow damaged, make sure to contact the company and have a professional check it. On the other hand, if the problem is being caused by the accumulation of debris, dust, or even snow on top of the dish, simply clean it off with a soft brush.

In case none of the solutions we brought you today work, give Dish customer support a call and explain the problem. Their technicians have extensive expertise, which means the odds they have a few extra easy solutions are quite high.

Alternatively, you can schedule a technical visit for their professionals to check the whole setup for possible issues and address them on the go.

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