7 Common Emerson TV Blink Codes (Troubleshooting)

emerson tv blink codes
emerson tv blink codes

Since the advent of the Smart TV, people have been seeking the best options. Whether for affordability or their high-end technologies, everyone seems to be looking for the Smart TV that best suits their entertainment demands. Emerson TV arrived as a solid option in the U.S., particularly for its cost-benefit ratio.

However, as users have been reporting, Emerson TVs have been experiencing a few issues as of late.

even the mainboard

According to reports, the issues have been affecting a series of features, such as the power supply, logic and inverter boards, IR sensors, and even the mainboard.

Should you find yourself experiencing these same issues, bear with us as we walk you through all the relevant info. With that info, you should be able to further understand these ‘weird’ behaviours of your Emerson TV lights.

What Common Issues Do Emerson TVs Normally Experience?

As mentioned before, Emerson TVs go through a few different issues. Even though most of them can be easily fixed, as the solutions do not require high tech expertise, people have been swarming online forums and Q&A communities in pursuit of those easy fixes.

Due to that, we came up with a list of the most common issues Emerson TVs experience. We hope to bring you all the relevant info you should know before making your decision regarding purchasing an Emerson TV.

Should you already own one, this set of info might also bring some clarity as to the common problems you may already be experiencing. So, without further ado, here is what you should know before making up your mind:

  • TV Does Not Turn On: this issue causes the device not to switch on. Neither through the remote control nor by pressing the buttons on the TV, the device simply won’t turn on. The fixes related to this issue usually regard the power system. So, make sure all the components of the electrical setup are in good condition. Other users reported solving the problem by checking the batteries of their remote controls . As it goes, there was nothing wrong with the TV itself, rather than a non-functioning remote.
  • TV Is Lagging: this issue affects mainly the performance of the TV and causes a delay in the tunning of channels or In the loading of menus. Even though the first fixes users attempt are also related to the power system, the most effective solutions concern the internet connection. As many of the features of a Smart TV rely on an active internet connection, should users experience a problem with that aspect, the TV features will also face issues. So, make sure your internet connection is fast and stable.
  • Display Problem: this issue affects the image aspect of the TV and causes the picture to get pixeled or not even appear on the screen at all. Most fixes related to this issue regard tuning the frequency, as the transmission from the satellite can be compromised. Go to the settings and then the signal tab to change the frequency to one that is receiving a stronger and more stable signal.
  • Black Screen Issue: this issue also affects the picture aspect of the TV but in a more severe way. As it goes, upon the occurrence of this issue, the device turns on but no image appears on the screen. While most automatically assume this was a problem caused by an electrical failure, they went on to check cords and outlets. However, those were not successful attempts, as the TV is indeed receiving enough current to work. The most effective fixes were found in the connection between the TV and the connected devices. So, make sure all the devices you connect to your Emerson TV are in good condition and operational.

These are the main issues Emerson TV users have been reporting, so take those into account before making your decision.

Now that we walked you through the main issues Emerson TVs experience, let us share the information you need to better understand the light blinking system.

As it goes, Emerson TVs have a system that shows users that the device is going through problems by the way the light on the display blinks. Should you have already noticed the different ways the light blinks but couldn’t quite understand what they are trying to say, this next section is for you.

Troubleshooting Emerson TV Blink Codes

As mentioned before, Emerson TVs have a system that tells users if something is wrong with the device through a set of different behaviours of the display light.

This system is called Blink Codes and, once you understand how it works, it should get much easier to deal with whatever kind of problem the device may be experiencing. So, check the list blink codes below and discover how easy it actually is to fix the issue you have been facing.

  1. Thirteen Green Blinks

Thirteen Green Blinks

The first blink code on the list is the 13 green blinks and it is trying to tell you there is something wrong with the power supply, whether it’s an interruption, a shortage of current, or even a complete lack of current, the power system is what is experiencing the problem.

So, focus on that aspect and try a few easier things, such as changing the internal cell battery or confirming the power outlet is actually working.

Should these attempts not be successful, then you should move on to more specific fixes with the power grid of the TV. Some users have reported getting the issue out of the way through a reboot of the device, while others could only get a satisfactory outcome by replacing the damaged components.

  1. Two Red Flashes

Two Red Flashes

The two red flashes on the display light mean the power board is experiencing some sort of problem. Being the component that distributes the current from the outlet to the TV components, it is of utmost importance that the power board is kept in top condition.

Should you notice the two red flashes, make sure to get a replacement for the power board rather than attempting to repair it.

  1. Three Red Flashes

Three Red Flashes

The three red flashes refer to a problem with the main logic board or with the device’s voltage settings. The manual shows how you can check the voltage and how much the TV needs. Anyway, it is always better to replace the main logic board instead of fixing it. As reported, repaired boards rarely deliver the same level of performance.

  1. Four Red Flashes

Four Red Flashes

Should the display light flash four times in red, then the problem should be with the inverter board wires. As it goes, these wires can be quite sensitive and can wear out extremely fast. The fix for this problem lies in replacing the wires, for which you will probably need an expert. So, call your favorite technician and have the wires changed.

  1. Five Red Blinks

Five Red Blinks

The five red blinks can point to two different issues. The first is with the IR sensor, which you should replace immediately.

The second concerns the mainboard, which, by being one of the main components of the TV, can cause a series of problem behaviors with the device. Whether the problem is with the IR sensor or with the mainboard, we strongly suggest you call a professional to check.

Additionally, the five red blinks can occur in the case the TV goes into Safe Mode, which may happen due to an internal system failure. Should your Emerson TV go to Safe Mode on its own, you will definitely need to replace the power board.

Also, avoid using anti-surge boards or protectors as those can accelerate the wearing out of the wires and cause the problem to crop up even earlier.

  1. Six Red Flashes

Six Red Flashes

The six red flashes refer to a problem with the backlight feature of the TV. Some users have reported noticing the six red flashes when their TVs were experiencing issues with the inverter or power boards, but these cases were much less common.

This issue should also be solved with a check of the voltage levels. As the representatives of Emerson informed, the TV should work between 3 to 5 volts from the main logic board and 24 volts for the inverter board.

  1. Seven Red Flashes

Seven Red Flashes

Lastly, should the display light flash in red seven times, then the issue should be related to the overheating of the motherboard.

In case that happens, make sure to call an experienced technician as the replacement of the motherboard is a delicate task and could bring unfortunate results if not properly performed.

On a final note, should you find out about other easy ways to fix the issues related to the blink codes of Emerson TVs, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and save our fellow readers a bunch of headaches down the way.

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