4 Most Common Dish Wally Problems & Solutions

dish wally problems
dish wally problems

Dish Wally HD Receiver is a great choice for those who still like the concept of satellite TV over the modern cable TV and want to stick to it. Not that satellite tv has not grown over these years, as there are fair advancements with the technology for Satellite TV as well and it does pretty great if you compare it with any modern cable TV that you can get from your service provider.

However, it would not be an optimal way to get TV coverage for your home if you just need a basic family plan and don’t have needs for some specific channel on your TV. Dish Wally makes the TV experience better for you, but there are certain cons attached to having a satellite TV receiver and especially if you get the Dish, Wally.

Dish Wally Problems

A few of the most common problems that you will have to face with the Dish Wally, and their solutions that you must know to have this fixed would be:

1) Direction Problem

Satellites are in a fixed orbit around the earth, but due to the constant rotation of the earth and those satellites, you cannot expect to just install the antenna for once and have it work like that forever. Needless to mention, that there are some other factors like strong winds and harsh weather conditions that can move the direction of your receiver and you will have to face issues. You will have signal issues, coverage issues, and multiple problems like that, and you will have to deal with them as there is no other way.

One of the most common solutions to deal with this problem is to make sure that your antenna is not exposed to wind or harsh weather conditions. Having some sort of protection around the area will ensure that you are saving the direction to be changed due to these factors.

Keep in mind that you will have to change the direction of the antenna and tune your receiver again to get the right channels and that can be a mess at times that you don’t want to deal with.

2) Equipment compatibility

A big issue with having the Dish Wally is that the equipment on these satellite receivers is not universal and hard to get your hands on. If you are getting the Dish Wally receiver antenna only and want it to use with the existing satellite TV system that you might have, this will not be possible and you will have to face multiple issues ranging from no service at all, to bad picture quality and lesser channels.

The best way to deal with such problems is to get a complete system from a single manufacturer, brand, or service provider. Otherwise, part replacement and configuration will be a complete mess for you and you will have to be in a fix every time some problem occurs with the system that you are using.

3) Maintenance Problems

The maintenance problems are always a mess with the satellite TV systems. While a Cable TV does all the decoding part on their end and you hardly need a single device to connect all your TVs at your home or office, with Satellite TV such as Dish Wally, you will need to have the satellite receiver antenna, a receiver or decoder, and a DVR. Obviously, there are tons of connectors and lots of wiring involved and it is not easy for you to maintain such a system.

To get rid of such issues, make sure that you are getting the subscription from a reliable source who is able to promise good support for all the needs you might have. They will also get you a knowledgeable support guy incase you face any sort of issues and they will be able to fix it up properly.

4) Weather Issues

Now, this is something that you can call an act of god and you will not be able to find a solution for it. But if there are clouds, strong winds or harsh weather conditions, you will not be able to get the right coverage or picture quality over a Dish Wally. So, if you live in an area that gets more rainfall, or strong winds, Dish Wally might not be the right choice for you to have.

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