5 Steps To Fix Dish Remote SAT Button Not Working?

dish remote sat button not working
dish remote sat button not working

The SAT button on your remote is very important and it is required in various functions. All the other buttons are also important in your dish remote and if any one of them is not working you can get pretty much annoyed. Having a troubling TV remote button is a very common problem that almost all of us have faced. Most of people purchase a new remote when there is any button not working. However, we cannot do it all of the time and sometimes you find ways to troubleshoot this problem.

Remote is a very delicate gadget and it gets troublesome if you use it roughly and treat it badly. So many people face trouble while using Tv remotes because they get too lazy to get it repaired or get a new one. Some Dish remotes work at some certain angles only, otherwise, they don’t. Many people have to raise their hands to get their remote work. However, A disabled SAT button can be a real problem

How To Fix Dish Remote SAT Button Not Working?

The first thing that your SAT button is essentially used for is pairing your DISH remote.

Steps To Pair

Pairing your dish remote with your Hopper device needs a few of these steps.

  • First of all, we need to press the System Info button that is on the front panel of your HOPPER.
  • Now there is this important SAT button on the front of your dish remote. The SAT button is the main step that is required for the pairing of your dish remote with the Hopper. The location of this button depends on the model of the TV remote you are using.
  • Now to pair you must press the Cancel or the Back button on the front of your dish remote.
  • You have now successfully paired your dish network remote with your HOPPER DVR.
  • But if the SAT button is disabled you are unable to get this task done.

There are a few more things that you can do with your dish network remote if it is not working. In your Dish Network remote you must check the batteries of your remote. Sometimes the batteries of your Dish network remote rusting and they can cause your remote to dysfunctional or stop functioning at all. Getting a new pair of batteries for your remote can be a good option when you see your remote batteries have gone bad.

Now to check you must press the SAT button and then release it. Now press the select button on the remote. If you see yourself button still not lighting up then your remote needs to get replaced or changed with the new one. Another thing that you can do is contact your remote repair shop nearby to get assistance from a professional. You can also contact customer support of the Dish network to get a new remote.

Hopefully, This blog was helpful enough to resolve your problem regarding the remote with the disabled SAT button.

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