7 Fixes For Dish TV Is Only Showing HD Channels Issue

dish tv only showing hd channels
dish tv only showing hd channels

Dish TV is the prime choice for every user who loves on-demand entertainment and the variety of channels and stations. There is a fine collection of HD and SD channels, but sometimes, the Dish TV only showing HD channels persists for the users. If this HD channel issue is bugging you as well, we have got some easy fixes for you!

Dish TV Only Showing HD Channels

1) Change The Preference

First things first, you might be getting the HD channels because you’ve entered the settings that way. With this being said, hold the remote and press the menu option. This will open the main menu on Dish TV. Now, press the number eight and it will open the preferences. From this window, change the channel preferences to HD and SD.

2) Weather Issues

Okay, so if you are missing the SD channels and only getting the HD channels, there are chances that the weather has gone bad. In this case, you need the weather to improve. However, if the issue persists even after the weather issue has been resolved, we suggest that you call Dish TV at 1-888-554-7827.

3) Receiver Location

In case you want to access all the channels but only getting the HD channels, keep in mind that the receiver location matters a great deal. This is because if the receiver is not placed at the right location, it will not receive optimal signals. With this being said, we suggest that you change the receiver’s location and try tuning the desired channel again.

4) Snow

If you are residing somewhere cold and someplace where it has been snowing, there are high chances that snow has layered up the Dish. This snow layer will adversely impact the signal reception and you might be getting only HD channels because of that. With this being said, you should try cleaning up the Dish and make sure to cover it with the dish cover that helps slip off the snow.

5) Joiner

Usually, people use the joiner with Dish and TV to help fix the power passing issue without compromising on the frequency. However, when the joiners burn or fuse out, you will need to replace the joiner. In addition to joiners, if you are using surge protectors, the coaxial parts will lead to signal issues. With this being said, you need to replace the surge protectors and joiners and the channel issue will be resolved.

6) Splitter

The splitters are famous for causing signal disruptions and dropouts which might be the culprit behind the only HD channels. With this being said, you should optimize the number of splitters with the lines because the right number of splitters is essential for optimizing the Dish TV signals while offering SD as well as HD channels.

7) RG6 Cable

If you want Dish TV to offer all types of channels, inclusive of HD and SD channels, you need to ensure that you are using the RG6 cable. This is because some people try the RG59 cables but they remain functional on a short-term basis.

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