3 Reasons to Have Different Cable And Internet Providers


Today, the world has changed a lot, and long gone are the days when you have to buy different subscriptions for cellphones, your landline phones, TV, and internet. In the current times, you can easily find one network provider for all these services. Mostly, you don’t have to get in the mess of wires and stuff, and you are provided with one fiber optic cable that can allow you to enjoy the perks of all these services at once. The best part about using such services is that you don’t have to worry about multiple bills. They offer to provide you with the ability to choose a good package that will cover all your needs.

Such companies provide you with a chance to customize your packages as well, depending on your needs and usage. However, if you would not like to choose the same company for your Cable TV and the Internet, that is possible.

Why You Should Have Different Cable And Internet Providers

There are certain reasons that you might not want to choose one company for all your needs, despite the fact that it might cost you differently there are some other factors involved. The convenience of paying one bill a month is lost and you have to keep track of several bills to pay. Some of the reasons you might want to have separate service providers for TV and Cable might be:

1. Faster Internet Speed

Having the same cable for all your data needs like Cable, Internet, and Telephone might be a bit cheaper for you. However, it can cost you in terms of speed and network stability. If you are looking to have the best internet speed, you must have a dedicated fiber-optic line for your Internet connection. While a similar carrier may provide you with a dedicated line for the Internet but they will always charge you more for it.

Hence, you might choose to go for your favorite internet provider if you have to pay some extra bucks. This will also allow you to enjoy better connectivity of cable TV with the highest possible quality as your speed and data transfer are not being shared.

2. Cheaper Tariffs

While most companies that provide all-in-once connections seem like they are providing you the most cost-friendly package for all your needs. It is not entirely true and you might have been manipulated. You might have noticed that each company has something missing in these all-in-one packages and you miss that one thing the most. That is the game these companies are playing with your mind and they force you to compromise on one thing or other in the name of convenience and affordability.

However, you can get better rates on your Cable and Internet bills if you choose smartly and find out the best packages from different service providers. By choosing different service providers for these services. There are high chances that you might get a much better rate than your all-in-one service providers.

3. Freedom of Choice

If you are paying for all the services, you must have the freedom of choice. These companies often do not offer you that freedom and you have to stick with the pre-planned packages that are being offered by such companies. That means you will have to compromise sometimes on either your favorite TV channels or the type of Internet you want.

By choosing different service providers for your Cable and Internet, you can make sure that you don’t have to miss out on anything and if you are paying for a service, you have the freedom of choice. You can choose the best Cable provider and Internet Service according to your needs, if you choose wisely and what suits you best.

Things You should consider before choosing separate providers

These are some of the factors that might make you want to have different service providers for Cable and Internet. However, everyone has their own reason and you can decide what would suit your needs best. To choose a separate service provider for the Internet and Cable, you might have to consider some factors that are involved and if you are able to deal with them, then it might be the wisest choice for you. These factors might include

1. Contracts

Beware of any contracts that your service providers make you sign. These contracts entail details and clauses that make you bound for years and you are stuck with their services to be used. Even if you are not using their services, they are entitled to charge you a certain fee for these. Hence, you might need to check with your service provider if you are bound to such a contract and be careful when signing up for any service if you do not plan on sticking with them for years.

These contracts hold a legal value in a court of law and you can face dire circumstances in case you fail to oblige these contracts.

2. Improvised Rates

There are also some packages from these all-in-one service providers that entail conditions that if you miss out on any service from a specific provider, the other services will cost you almost the same amount as you were paying before. This can be a terrible fact to know. This is a tactic used by these service providers in the name of discount that makes you feel bound and give you a feeling that you are saving but in actual you are being ripped off your freedom of choice.

3. Lots of wires and installation costs

If you want to have different providers for Cable and Internet. You will have to deal with a lot of cables all around. That means, different installations as well that will cost you a bit more. However, these costs will be worth it, as you are getting the premium services of your own choice without any pre-specified restrictions from the service providers.

Now, you have a fair idea of the reasons you might want to have different cable and internet service providers and what factors might be involved in the process if you choose to do so. It is your choice on how you want to proceed and you can always decide what would be best for yourself.

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