10 Reasons Why CenturyLink Slow Down Your Internet

centurylink slow internet
centurylink slow internet

CenturyLink previously known as Central Telephone and Electronics is a global telecommunication company. CenturyLink was founded in 1930 and has its headquarters located in the United States. It has an extensive range of products and services that are offered to its customers including network, Cloud Security, Internet, Phone, TV, and much more. CenturyLink provides a reasonable service and has gained recognition in the Market.

CenturyLink Internet is enjoyed by the customers and has fair reviews. However, there are users that complain about the speed. Here are some reasons for slow CenturyLink Internet. With these reasons, solutions are also provided below:

Reasons Why CenturyLink Slow Down Your Internet

1. Your device is not updated

Slow CenturyLink Internet faces an issue also when your device is out of date. The user usually thinks it’s the faulty internet, but it is the device that needs to be updated. Checking if your device needs an update is quite easy. All you need is to run a speed test.

The speed test will judge the upload and download speed of CenturyLink Internet on your device and will compare it against the fixed speed that the device should have. If the desired speed is greater than the speed you are actually receiving, this may mean your device may need an update. To solve the issue just replace the old device with a newer one.

2. Viruses may have infected the device

Using the internet can cause your device to be a victim of viruses, worms, adware, or malware. These viruses can significantly decrease the speed of your device and it also affects the CenturyLink internet’s speed and quality.

It is advised to install an Antivirus program in your device. The user must scan their devices to detect viruses on a regular basis. It is essential to update these antivirus programs because the old program won’t be able to detect new viruses.

3. The signals are being blocked

The location of the router affects the speed quality of CenturyLink Internet. It is very important to locate the router in such a place from where your device can easily grab the signals. It is not a good habit to place the router in closed boundaries. Cabinets, closets, cupboards are some of the worst areas for placing your router.

The materials of these cabinets weaken the signals of the Internet. If you want to ensure that internet signals reach the device, it is generally a good practice to place the router in an open and higher place. So, if you are facing signal issues and slow the internet, maybe it’s time to reposition your router.

4. Installation of unnecessary Plug-ins

If you have installed so many plug-ins in your web browser, they may affect the speed quality. Most of these Plug-ins and Add-ons are completely unnecessary that your web browser can work fine without them.

It is a good solution to uninstall and disable these plug-ins and add-ons. You can simply disable them from the setting of the browser you are using. If the speed quality does not get any better, try to update the web browser. It is possible your current old version of the browser may not have good compatibility with CenturyLink Internet. Trying a newer version can help you to achieve the goal.

5. Router settings are not done correctly

The speed quality of CenturyLink Internet is also affected by the settings of the router. The user should check whether the settings are affecting the internet or not. If you don’t have any experience regarding the settings, it is good to ask from a technical expert or your CenturyLink internet provider. In the future, the user should use these settings recommended by the expert. Proper router settings can improve internet speed.

6. Router or modem may be out of order

The customer-facing speed issues in CenturyLink Internet may be having a router that is no longer in good condition. If the router is not the issue, the wiring may have gone bad. The loose cables and switches can also cause the speed of the internet to slow down. The wear and tear of cables also affect the speed quality. Once, you identify any of these hardware issues, the solution is to replace that hardware.

7. Interference of other devices

The signals of other electronic devices can cause interruptions and disturbances which can result in weak internet signals. These weak internet signals contribute in slowing down the internet connection. The wi-fi signals from other devices in your neighborhood can also interfere with your internet speed. The solution to this problem is to relocate your router.

8. The inefficiency of the host servers

The slow server can cause you to believe that your internet is slow when it is not. The host server may not be able to deal with numerous clients at a single time. You can verify whether the problem is at your end or it is the inefficiency of the host server. On your CenturyLink Internet, try to use other websites. If these websites work at a fine speed, it means your internet connection speed is not having issues.

9. The current plan may not be feasible

CenturyLink has different plans that may be feasible for different types of users. There is a possibility that your current CenturyLink internet deal may not be suitable. Data bandwidth may be limited to the workload you have.

You can ask other CenturyLink Internet users for their suggestions. If you are still confused, you can consult your CenturyLink Internet providers to suggest some suitable internet plans that may work for you.

10. Using numerous applications simultaneously

The users usually have a large number of applications running in the background. The unnecessary applications that are no longer in current use affect the overall performance of the device you are using. These applications also cause an overall decrease in the speed of CenturyLink Internet. The easy solution to this problem is to simply exit from these unused applications. Closing these apps will make the performance of the device faster, resulting in better internet speed.


The above-mentioned techniques and tips can help you to maximize the speed of CenturyLink Internet. Furthermore, live support is available 24/7 for customers.

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