10 Reasons Frontier Internet Keeps Disconnecting (With Solutions)

Frontier Internet Keeps Disconnecting
Frontier Internet Keeps Disconnecting

Frontier Communications Corporation started with rural areas and smaller communities in the 1950s and expanded through the 1970s.

They now serve large metropolitan markets and provide long-distance telephone service and fast broadband internet in almost 38 states in the United States. It is one of the largest internet service provider in the United States as well.

Being a reliable company that provides high-quality fast internet, there is a major issue its customers face. It is that Frontier internet keeps disconnecting at times and the people do not like it as it becomes annoying.

Frontier offers almost three DSL and around six fiber optic internet plans so that customers can select the package that suits them the most and is available in their respective areas. Using fiber-optic technology is said to be the best for such technology and Frontier does it well.

However, their customer service needs to improve. The biggest plus point is that Frontier is considered as the company that provides the cheapest internet with good speed.

On public or home networks, internet connection might drop unexpectedly for no obvious reason. An internet that keeps dropping can be particularly frustrating, whether it happens on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

YouTube videos will freeze, your online gaming will disconnect and everything on your social accounts might stop loading. Frontier customers keep facing many of these problems regularly.

However, the company complains it is not always their fault. Various factors may lead to this problem.

Why does Frontier Internet keep Disconnecting?

Using the internet is always fun but if it starts to disconnect repeatedly you have to halt everything you were doing. That is a big deal.

So, before calling Frontier that the internet is not working right, it is better to try solving the problem yourself or check the reason causing it.

There are multiple reasons why this can happen, some of them are:

1. ISP’s infrastructure may encounter an issue.

2. Devices connected to a bad Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. There might be a defective cable from the modem or the router.

4. The strength of the Wi-Fi hotspot may be insufficient in some way.

5. There is an overload on your Wi-Fi network or hotspot.

6. There is some interference with nearby Wi-Fi devices or hotspots.

7. Outdated drivers of the network adapter or the router used for the Wi-Fi hotspot.

8.  There is interference with an antivirus program.

9. An issue with the PC’s network card.

10. A DSL problem.

As internet technology has logs, it is easy to analyze the data and find out what is going wrong. It is possible to find out what is wrong with the internet and why it keeps disconnecting.

Finding out what the problem is the first step, or else doing experiments might lead to more problems. If your computer is facing this disconnecting problem, there is most probably a fault in your PC, not your internet.

Check the computer first to see why the Frontier internet keeps disconnecting. Finding the exact cause of your internet connection problems may take some time, but the plus side is that once you have found it, you will not need to troubleshoot the same problems again.

How To Fix Frontier Internet?

The first and easiest solution is to reboot or restart. Restart your router or your device if the issue still exists. Waiting for a few seconds and rebooting the device usually helps.

Power on-off reset works and fixed connection issues most of the time if the internet keeps dropping intermittently on your computer. Power-cycle can solve many internet and software issues.

Simply shut down all the hardware and power them all later after waiting for a few seconds.

A series of troubleshooting steps will help to determine where the breakdown is and how to resolve the problem if you do not have internet access.

Without any access to the internet, you cannot simply point out what is wrong. The best way is to ensure that if something is not broken.

The very simple ways to troubleshoot your PC are:

1. Check wireless connection settings to see if there is internet access.

2. Check proxy settings to ensure they’re no changes made there.

3. If the computer is connected to the router, check the network cables.

4. Reset the router.

5.  Check your security software and firewall settings.

6. Check your browsers if they have trouble accessing the internet.

Other solutions also include changing your Wi-Fi network mode. This problem can be because of faulty drivers that function incorrectly with your OS.

Updating your modem or router with the latest software actually does the trick as well. It is important to keep your devices up to date to ensure you get the best of them.

Check the browser’s proxy settings and the system’s proxy settings. Malware might have changed the proxy settings of the browser or the system and that may be the reason the internet keeps dropping.

Fixing them can fix the problem. Another solution is to change the speed and duplex mode of your network card or by even changing your scan valid interval.

If there is no internal problem with the computer or router, the following steps might help:

1. Try relocating the router’s position in the room.

2. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. If it is a public Wi-Fi network, check if you have to login again to the network.

4. Try to bypass the DNS server.

5. Try connecting some other device.

6. Scan for viruses or missing files.

If none of the following solutions works, there is no problem with the computer or the devices trying to access the internet.

The only problem that is not letting you get access to the internet is because the internet service provider has some technical issues from their side.

Calling Frontier’s customer service should be the last option so they can either find out the problem or come and check your connection. Frontier internet keeps disconnecting for many customers and you often find its customers complaining.

10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Frontier Internet Keeps Disconnecting (With Solutions)”

  1. Just in reading this my internet connection went out and came back 2 times. I have had a technician out to my home 3 times and still nothing has ever been fixed. They are ridiculous !!! It’s been months now and nothing has been fixed properly !!!

    • I agree with everyone else. Frontier is the absolute worst and everyone I know that has Frontier agrees!! If I had a choice I would no longer deal with them
      It’s not my computer or settings..its my phone wifi, my tv connection, and my computer. So tired of resetting my modem over and over and over

  2. We have multiple DSL drop outs every day for 30 sec to 2 minutes for a couple of years. We replaces our home router, we replaced the DSL modem. Did not improve the frequency pf the outages. Most of the time if we wait things reconnect without any action by us. Resetting and reconnecting does not make this problem any less frequent or the outage to come back any faster. It is very annoying.

    We are going to drop Frontier DSL and switch to cable for internet access.

  3. We’ve been having problems for over a year. TV, Internet and wi fi issues(affects cell phones, TV lap top. Reboot only solves problem for short time, if it works. Calling Frontier and their “fixes” also only short term. I have Fios so they have replaced interface with new equipment (took two visits) and didn’t solve problem, this after they have replaced modem 3 times. Finally said it was inside wiring issue. I replaced cat 5 and coaxial. Their technicians did all re-connections. Problem worse now than before. Drops out every day since wire connections complete. My wife and I are seniors and our patience in running thin! (like my hair)

  4. My Frontier FIOS internet goes down every few days. No internet, no Netflix etc. But only for about 20-30 min Tech support of no use. Rebooting the router of no use. Best solution: wait 20-30 minutes! I think the problem is further down the line.

  5. We lose connection every day, 10 or more times, sometimes for hours. No tv, computer. This has been going on for over two years. Numerous visit from Repair services. We have been sent modem after modem. Only to sit and watch it start blinking again and again and again. Finally they replaced the connection from the street to our house, nothing improved. My husband replaced the inside wiring, due to COVID-19 the tech was not allowed to come into the house to do that. Still same situation. Tech is now talking about switching our line with our neighbors and if they start complaining then they’ll know it is from the substation. What a joke. We have tried satellite Internet which is just as bad. Very few options for us other than Frontier.

  6. Surprised to find these comments. The way the frontier tech explained it I was thinking I was the only one. My modem started resetting itself regularly about a month ago and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to the call center now three times. If your service being erratic isn’t bad enough now you get to spend 10 minutes speaking to a computer so you can get to a human that can’t understand you and you can’t understand them and you get to re-verify all your information yet again . After two calls got tech to house who checked lines and told me all was good. Modem started flashing within 3minutes of his leaving. Week later second tech installed new modem and all was good for almost 12 hours. This is horrible

  7. I knew I wasn’t the only one – but my DSL goes down every time I get a landline call (they’re almost always spam even though I am on the DO NOT CALL list). A Frontier truck stuck a pole a block from my house knocking out phone and DSL for 2 days and when I called to report the outage they scheduled a service call to repair my interior wiring and told me I would have to pay for it.

  8. Same here trying to do homework secretly using my neighbor’s wifi right now. I am a kid and this is our restaurant wifi, our home is spectrum and everything is amazing. Meanwhile, here in our restaurant, Frontier is horrible. Although it maintains a 3/4 bars, sometimes it would just stop connecting, we had restarted router and stuff but it is disconnecting for all devices. Also, the bills are usually up to 700 dollars when the plan was just 115. Every month we call frontier and they are always like, “oops we’ll fix it and won’t do it again” But they do it so frequently.

  9. My Frontier High Speed Router has been going out of service a couple times a day for a month. I had two techs out here and is still doing it. Sunday it was out for most of the day. The globe light turns from blue to red. I will probable go to Cox for internet service. When it is working I do a speed test and I get 1.25 meg.

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