4 Reasons You Have Slow Windstream Internet

windstream slow internet
windstream slow internet

Windstream is a popular Internet service provider across the USA. They are well-known for their over the edge internet services that are equally liked by individual consumers and businesses. Kinetic by Windstream is the official name that is offering internet services in the US region.

Along with the internet, there are several other services that are being offered by them including TV & Entertainment, Security Services, Voice calling and cellular network, and Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

You can opt for their Residential packages, Business plans, or get a connection for your enterprise ensuring that you get the best internet services with packages that will suit your needs best. They are offering 3-speed limits for each connection that is up to you to choose from.

These speed limits are 200Mbps, 500 Mbps, and One Gigabyte/ps that is the highest internet speed and will enable you to enjoy a truly outstanding experience with the Internet.

Kinetic by Windstream has got extremely popular among users due to several features that make them one of the best Internet provider services across the country. These features are truly unmatched in terms of quality and pricing and you can have a look at some features below:

Unmatched Speeds

With their fiber-backed network and a wide number of servers across the US, you can experience unmatched speeds that are not possible or being offered by any other service provider. These internet speeds can range up to a gigabyte per second that is so far the highest speed you can enjoy in the US for consumers.

This way you can have a world-class experience at your home or even get packages for your business to stay connected round the clock on dedicated servers and have no issues with speed.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Multiple companies across the US are offering internet packages but most of them have data caps. This means that you can only download/upload a certain amount of data per month. Since everyone has different needs a data caps are the last thing you want while you are on a business meeting or downloading some movie you have waited to watch for months.

Windstream provides its all users with plans having no data caps or bandwidth limits. You can enjoy unlimited uploading and download on Windstream internet with no limits on uploading or downloading the data.

No Obligations

A huge problem with most major internet service providers is that they force you to sign a contract with them. These contracts can be of different nature and involve you to either have all their services like phone, TV, and internet from the same service provider or a tenure contract to avail their services for a specific period of time as listed on the contract.

With Kinect by Windstream, you get the liberty to have no obligations at all. You can cancel their services anytime and choose a flexible plan that you can pay month-to-month. There are no hidden charges involved or shady offers that might allure you towards signing a contract with Kinect by Windstream.

Windstream Slow Internet: Reasons And Solutions

No matter how good or fast an internet service can be, you may feel issues sometimes with lagging speed and connectivity errors. There can be several problems that might be involved in causing you to get a slow speed over the internet connection that might stop you from doing the task you want.

Also, slower speeds than the speed that you are committed are not affordable either as you are entitled to the right speed you are paying for. You can check the internet speed regularly with speed checking software or websites and ensure that your connection is at optimal speed. However, if you are not getting the right speed, there might be some errors that you can diagnose in the following ways

1) Settings of your router and PC

There is a slight possibility that your WiFi router or your PC settings are limiting your internet speeds. To ensure faster connectivity over your Windstream internet connection, you should check these settings and ensure that they are set on default. You can also consult Windstream support that is available 24/7 to help you with any issues you might face.

Also, you need to ensure that your internet drivers are up to date and there are no applications running in the background that might be costing you your internet speed. If your settings are good and normal then you need to ensure some other steps like.

2) Inspect the cables

There are chances that fiber optic cable connected to your PC or router may have slight wear and tears or damages on it that might be causing you to get slow internet on Windstream connection. You need to ensure that cable you are using is in good condition and replace such cables on regular intervals to enjoy optimal connectivity and the best possible speeds on your Windstream internet. You can also ask Windstream to check the cables for you and recommend the best possible solution.

3) Check for any unauthorized connections

While every internet is secure on the lines, they are providing you a connection, there might be some people who have hacked into your WIFI set up and using your internet connection. You must ensure that there are no unrecognizable devices connected to your network. For this, you should regularly check the connected device list on your router settings.

4) Contact Windstream Help

If all the above checks look in order, you need to contact Windstream helpline for expert advice. They can run a number of checks like signal strength in your area, the speed allotted to you, and any other reason that might be causing a slow internet connection.

They can help you with any issues and you can start enjoying the best possible internet speed once again. Contacting Windstream support is pretty easy and you can dial their helpline round the clock or choose to email them with your issue and they will certainly come up with a resolution for you to ensure the best speed of your internet connection.

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