Frontier Internet Slow At Night: 5 Ways To Fix

frontier internet slow at night
frontier internet slow at night

Believe it or not but the most frustrating thing to encounter is slow internet, especially when it is night. Suppose, or actually, you didn’t even have to suppose, as it happens eventually, now, you came home from a long tiring and day. One thing you’d defiantly do is stream to your favorite shows but it all goes to vain because of your slow internet speed. Frontier is popularly known for its high-speed internet however, these days, customers are facing some real speed issues especially at night. In this article, we have provided some authentic troubleshooting solutions along with the top tricks to maximize your Frontier Internet speed at night.

Why Is My Frontier Internet Slow At Night?

Several factors are disrupting your internet speed at night. Network ingestion tops all the existing reasons. Why? Most of the people come late at night and browse especially in the night hours. Therefore, it all depends on the bandwidth of the internet service you are using. Bandwidth has a significant influence on the speed of your network.

Moreover, night hours are considered as peak-time for browsing because of internet traffic. Besides, your internet speed is unable to work smoothly at such hours. You need some changes and troubleshooting solutions to get this issue under control. Here they are:

  1. Relocate Your Frontier Router:

Most of the users usually ignore it but relocating and repositioning your router can be of great help. How? Place your router at the highest position in your house so the connected devices get the best network signals, especially at night.

  1. Upgrade Your Internet Speed:

Sometimes you do not get the best of browsing due to the lack of internet speed and consumption of older wireless plans. Here you might need to upgrade your Frontier internet plans. There are 50% chances that Frontier Internet might be throttling your internet speed due to the old equipment as well as incompatible slow speeds. Make sure to keep up yourself with the latest internet speed plans. This is one long term troubleshooting solution to maximize your internet speed.

  1. Update Your Router And Connected Devices:

An outdated collection of hardware along with the old versions of browsers can cause you great trouble especially at night when the internet traffic is already too crowded. Try to get yourself updated router and the connected devices along with the upgraded versions of the software. This would likely help you get the best of speeds with Frontier at night.

  1. Use Non-Peak Hours To Download High Bandwidth Stuff:

If nothing helps, you must download your favorite TV shows in the daytime to avoid throttling at night.

  1. Contact Frontier:

You can also contact your network carrier Frontier upfront to discuss your issue and have it resolved.


Experiencing slow internet at night is the worst as compared to other times of the day. Several factors are responsible for it. But we have you covered! Above are some 100% authentic and functional troubleshooting steps by which you can significantly maximize your browsing with Frontier Internet at night.

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