5 Reasons Why Charter Internet Keeps Disconnecting (With Solution)

Charter Internet Keeps Disconnecting
Charter Internet Keeps Disconnecting

If you are living in a huge apartment building, you must have often come across some extremely irritating situations relating to your Internet connection. You must have suffered the feelings of being deceived by your wireless connection at the oddest of hours whether you are in the middle of a work or a conversation with your family overseas and your charter internet keeps disconnecting.

You have probably noticed the passive-aggressive network IDs of your neighbors in the long list of connections available and you must have had various problems with your internet signals dropping out. Usually, this is related to the Wi-Fi channels in your area.

How to Detect the Issues?

If you are facing a situation where the Internet signals drop randomly and all your equipment is fairly new including the router and modem. Let’s see if your ISP is Charter wireless internet that too with an incredible download and upload speed of 30mbps and 5mbps.

Now you must feel curious about the issue of bad internet connection when the internet signals will completely drop at any random moment. Let’s consider such a situation where your computer is connected to the router but there is no access to internet services and the signals are lost for an unknown period of time.

The internet can take a few minutes or as long as a few hours to be normal. If it is so then you should know by now that it is a common problem where charter internet keeps disconnecting.

Charter Internet Service Providers

If you are having issues with your Internet connection which is dropping continuously, for a few months, you should reach out to your ISP.

They might be able to resolve your issue of charter internet keeps disconnecting by providing a new line to your place or by replacing the modem. After contacting the Charter customer help service, describe your issue in detail and also provide them proofs if you have any.

The modem supplied by the Charter Spectrum is often ‘voice capable’ which means that it’s a phone line and in most cases it is the modem that stops working causing the signals to drop, disconnecting the Internet services.

Therefore, resetting the Spectrum modem often fixes the issue but only for a short course of time, and after that it’s all back to square one, disconnecting, and dropping internet signals.

Reasons Why Charter Internet Keeps Disconnecting

If you are frequently facing a drop in Internet signals or even a complete disconnection, there are several different reasons. Down here is a small list of the most obvious ones.

  1. The infrastructure of ISP:

The first reason is maybe you are connected to a bad Internet connection. The infrastructure of the service provider simply is not meeting your requirements.

  1. An issue with Your Modem or Router:

Your Wi-Fi modem is troubleshooting because it might be compromised or the internet router in your home is somewhat damaged and thus the devices are unable to perform their respective functions.

  1. Wireless Network Issues:

It is possible that the place you have placed your internet devices is out of the coverage range and the Wi-Fi signal’s strength is insufficient which is why your charter internet keeps disconnecting

  1. Overloaded Network:

Another reason for facing disconnection is an overloaded network. This happens if you are in crowded areas like an apartment building, on the street, in a stadium or some concerts, etc.

  1. Wireless Interference:

If you are surrounded by a lot of wireless internet devices, they often tend to interfere with each other’s signal transduction because of this you suffer a disconnecting internet.

Troubleshooting the Internet and How to Solve Issues

Some simple ways in which you can get rid of your Charter Internet issues of dropped signals and disconnection are as follows.

Let’s take it to step by step to solve the issue of charter internet keeps disconnecting.

  1. You will need to do a complete reset. For this, shut down your computer. Now you can unplug your router as well as the modem. Wait for 5 minutes or so.
  2. Now again plug in your modem and let it startup from scratch.
  3. After, you see that it is on and working, then repeat the same process with your router.
  4. Now check your wireless internet connection on your computers.
  5. Also try to update your router’s firmware. If it still doesn’t work, move towards changing the channel. Use a channel that has lesser traffic.

(Note: The network broadcasting on. 1,6,11 are usually the typical ones having the most traffic and majority wireless networks broadcast on these.)

How to Solve the Issue: via Using an App or Changing the Channel

Third-party Application

Some apps provide a fast bonding VPN service that allows the device to connect to more than one connection at the same time. Multiple Wi-Fi connections, cellular data, or wired connections can be simultaneously made available.

Channel Selection and Bonding

The first step is to search for the least congested channel in your area which has the least traffic. Some tools that can help you identify the most used channels in nearby networks are NirSoft for windows or Wireless Diagnostics for mac.

Now once you have successfully found the channel with the least traffic, change the channel of your router doesn’t take much time.

  • Log-in to the web interface of your router using a web browser.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings page.
  • Here look for the “Wi-Fi Channel” option.
  • Now choose your new Wi-Fi channel.


Using these simple methods you can easily solve the issue if your charter internet keeps disconnecting also.

Generally overload of traffic and congested channels are the cause. If you’re using the same Wi-Fi channel as the majority of your neighbors, you’re sure to endure a lot of network interference.

So it’s best to move on to a different network channel that has less audience. This way, interference can be reduced and you can have improved Wi-Fi speed and signals.

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  1. problem has been ongoing have disconnected too often no improved results lost tv signal at least 5 times a day

  2. I know at least part of the problem is, if it happens around midnight, …they take it down to do so called maintenance. Instead of doing it at 4am like most good internet providers, they choose to take it down at midnight, sometimes more than once a week. They are horrible people. I finally put in a complaint to the Michigan Public Service Commission. But Spectrum called me and told me in not so many words, that’s how they do it, so screw off. Spectrum is so set in their ways they just don’t seem to care. The least used time for internet and TV is Sunday night, Monday morning, between 4-5am. But they just don’t’ seem to care. Maybe if enough of us complain to our State’s Public Service Commission, they will send out orders to the local stores to limit maintenance to Sunday Nights after 3am. That would be nice, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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