DirecTV Cannot Detect SWM: 4 Ways To Fix

directv cannot detect swm
directv cannot detect swm

Directv is a subsidiary of AT&T that provides you the best TV streaming service. It is basically a direct broadcast satellite receiver provider and all the data is being transmitted over the digital satellite signals. They are offering their service in most of Latin America, the US, and the Caribbean region and you will not get to face any sort of issues with their commendable services and coverage.

Since the whole network is over satellites, it needs some high-end equipment for proper communication and to ensure that you are getting the best experience over your TV streaming device. If you are getting issues or error messages saying Directv cannot detect SWM, here are a few things that you need to do.

DirecTV Cannot Detect SWM

1) Understanding SWM

To effectively fix the issue, and have the right connectivity on your TV screens, you need to ensure that you know what an SWM is if you want to have this fixed. SWM stands for “Single-wire multiswitch”. And it is used to split your wires coming from the satellite receiver to two or more so that you can use multiple Tuners and DVRs at your place for multiple TVs that you might want to use. You need to ensure that you have the right SWM installed that can help you with the streaming experience.

2) Check on the number

Each SWM has certain limitations on them as to how many Tuners and DVRs they can connect to. Let’s take one of the most popular SWMs that is SWM8 and it supports up to 4 DVRs or 8 Single-tuners. So, this would depend on the number of TVs and equipment you are using at your place. You need to ensure that the SWM you are using is able to support all the Tuners and DVRs you are planning to use in order to make it work for you and if you don’t have the right number, or try to add another device than the number supported, you will face the error message saying unable to detect SWM and that can cause all your TVs do not have the service.

3) Restart the receiver

Now, another thing that you can do if you feel like all the TVs have worked correctly on the same SWM before and the error might be triggered due to some temporary issue is to try a restart on that particular receiver to fix that up for you. You just have to be mindful of not restarting them all at once as that can cause several issues.

Each receiver gets their own SWM Assignment and if you are restarting them all at once, it can cause your receiver to have a conflict and you will lose the service at all the TVs that you might have at your place.

4) Replace your SWM

You might need to have your SWM replaced if you are seeing the same error on all the TVs at your home. Make sure that you get it replaced with AT&T and you will have the perfect streaming experience once again on all the TVs.

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