DirecTV Entering Diagnostics Mode: 3 Ways To Fix

DirecTV Entering Diagnostics Mode
DirecTV Entering Diagnostics Mode

DirecTV is a reliable TV service with its original programming, various TV and movie channels, DVR, and an App for streaming TV. Most of the users have had a reliable and satisfactory experience with DirecTV. However, as is the case with all other networks and services, sometimes the users can run into unexpected errors.

One of the errors that have been recently reported by a few DirecTV users is getting their receiver stuck on “Entering Diagnostics Mode” or Running Receiver Self-Check…” While most of the users can troubleshoot this error easily, sometimes the users may need to change their receiver. Here are a few steps that you can take to troubleshoot this error.

DirecTV Entering Diagnostics Mode

1) Hard Reset the Receiver

Sometimes, unexpected bugs or unusual circumstances can cause the receiver to get into the diagnostics mode on its own. So one of the things that you can try to resolve the issue is to hard reset your receiver. You can do that by pressing the power button for at least 10 seconds and then releasing it.

Alternatively, you can pull the power plug of the receiver and then wait for at least 10 seconds before inserting the plug back in. It is usually better to leave the receiver unplugged for at least 30 minutes before restarting it. Once you have done the hard reset, check to see if the issue is resolved.

2) Bypass the Diagnostics Mode

You can also try bypassing the diagnostics mode. You can do that by pressing the red button located on the front of the box. When you see the message “Welcome, Starting Your Receiver”, immediately press the menu button and down arrow button located on the front of your receiver.

Hold the menu button and the down arrow button until you see the screen saying “loading satellite info Step 1 of 2.” Doing this will bypass the diagnostics mode and your receiver should start working again. Remember that you will need to press and hold the menu button and the down arrow button for a few minutes to skip the diagnostics mode.

3) Contact Customer Support

If you have tried the things mentioned above and still you are facing the same issue of the receiver entering the diagnostics mode on its own, it may indicate some other issue that may require a deeper level of technical repair. In such a situation contact the customer support. They will most probably send over a technician to check the issue. In some situations, the hoppers malfunction due to different reasons and they need to be replaced. In other situations, the receiver usually requires some maintenance and the technicians can fix it for you.

Some users have also reported the receiver recovering after entering the diagnostics mode. However, if the receiver keeps entering the diagnostics mode every time it restarts, it may indicate something wrong with the receiver. In most cases where the diagnostics mode is inevitable, the users have to replace their receiver as it indicates some internal issues with the receiver.

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