DirecTV Receiver Turns On By Itself: 7 Ways To Fix

directv receiver turns on by itself
directv receiver turns on by itself

Yes, DirecTV comes with a special receiver that’s responsible for receiving the signals from the Dish and provide access to the channels and stations. However, sometimes, the DirecTV receiver turns on by itself which can be bugging some users. So, we are sharing some troubleshooting tips that will fix the issue!

Directv Receiver Turns On By Itself

1) Software Update

Okay, so if your DirecTV receiver is switching on by itself, there are high chances that your receiver has undergone the software update. The software update usually happens in two segments. First of all, there is a basic software update that fixes the graphics and menus. With this being said, when the receiver goes through the software update, it will reboot and switch on itself.

2) Channel Tuning

If this is not about the software update and the receiver is still turning on by itself, it might be tuning the channels. That’s to say because when the receiver is unable to find the channel, it automatically starts tuning. So, that might be the reason why your receiver turns on by itself.

3) The Guide Data

The third reason might be the missing or corrupt guide data on the DirecTV receiver. This issue can occur in two ways; the first is when the guide data is not settled in properly or the second option will be the obstructions. The obstructions usually occur when something is blocking the signals from the satellite. With this being said, if the data is not settled in perfectly even after six hours, the receiver will turn on by itself (rebooting, actually).

4) Power Issues

So you need to get this issue sorted because the DirecTV receiver might turn on by itself if there are some power spike issues in the area. This is because the power outage will restart the DVR and it will remain switched on. So, just check the power issues and you will be able to fix the automatic switching on.

5) Code Settings

If there are no power spikes in the area and the receiver is still turning on by itself, it might be something wrong with the code settings on the remote or the receiver. This usually happens if someone else is using the same remote or receiver in close proximity. In this case, you need to use the voltage sag. With this being said, if the voltage safe by 90v to 95v, the box will keep rebooting on its own. So, just optimize the voltage sag!

6) Hard Drive

If your DirecTV receiver is struggling with the unfunctional or errored hard drive, it will lead to automatic and abrupt reboots. If you are suspecting that the hard drive is the issue, you need to change the hard drive with a new one and try using the receiver again.

7) Dish Issue

In case the DirecTV Dish has been unsecured or ungrounded, there are chances that the receiver is getting the static discharge. This static discharge will lead to the automatic switch-on of the receiver. So, you need to ground up your Dish and make sure it’s properly aligned in one place.

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