4 Ways To Fix DirecTV App Error 0001

directv app error 0001
directv app error 0001

AT&T is a remarkable internet and tv service provider and remained successful in developing the trust of the customers over time. It has also extended the DirecTV app to its customers to have some quality time anywhere. But it has been observed that most of the customers have refrained from the login DirecTV app, and error 0001 occurs.

It is quite frustrating for the people when they are not allowed to log in to DirecTV app due to error 0001, even, they have paid for it.

How To Fix DirecTV App Error 0001?

In this article, we will draw some troubleshooting for you to weed out error 0001. It’ll allow us to get back to our entertainment world with a significant level of satisfaction.

1. Do I Uninstall and Reinstall DirecTV App For The Removal Of Error 0001?

Yes, you can do away with DirecTV app error 0001 by uninstalling your app. First, uninstall your DirecTV app and then initiate a phone restart. It will clear all the data to form the one. Afterward, when your mobile phone is restarted, go to the Google Playstore and reinstall the DirecTV app. Now, you will find that you can quickly login to your DirecTV app without encountering error 0001.

2. Will DirecTV Error 0001 Eliminate With App Update?

Certainly, you may have witnessed error 0001 in your DirecTV app if you had not updated the application. AT&T releases software updates for its DirecTV application so that it may work efficiently. To make it workable, you have to check if your app is updated or not. And suppose your app is not updated, hurry and update it.

In contrary to this, you already have an updated version; then, you should wait for a few days because it is a software issue, and AT&T has been working on it.

3. Should I Clear The Cache and Cookies From Phone?

The beeline answer is yes, your DirecTV login props up error 0001 due to browser malfunctioning. To make it practical, go to the browser settings and choose the clear cache option. Or you can clear the cache and cookies through the phone’s cache clear utility software. Through this technique, you can remove DirecTV error 0001

4. Is Restoring Phone Kill DirecTV Error 0001?

If you have tried all the above hacks to terminate DirecTV error 0001, you still have not gotten promising results. Then, it would help if you restored your phone. Before restoring, make sure that your DirecTV is working on other devices. If it’s working on other devices, then initiate phone restore. Go to mobile settings and select the phone to restore the option.

Due to restoration, your saved DirecTV content may also be erased, but no worries, you will have it after successfully logging in DirecTV account after phone restoration.


In a nutshell, we have elicited some of the best troubleshooting techniques to weed out the troubling factor of error 0001. from uninstalling to phone restoration, these hacks will allow you to prevail your right to entertainment that was denied due to DirecTV error 0001.

In this article, we have brought forward all the necessary and doable solutions for your problems linked to DirecTV. We encourage your meaningful feedback or queries in the comment section. We will right back to you after a short interval of time.

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