3 Ways To Fix DirecTV Now Error 40

directv now error 40
directv now error 40

If you want to enjoy watching television or movies at your home then a cable provider is needed. However, companies have also started providing people with these services through satellites. DirecTV is one of the most recommended brands when it comes to these devices. They have numerous packages listed on their website which the user can check out.

These have different features provided with them and the number of channels that you will get also depend on your selection. But you can change your subscription whenever you want to by contacting the company.

Apart from this, there are also a few problems that the user can run into. One of the most reported ones is that DirecTV Now is giving the error code 40. If you are also getting the same problem then here are some steps that should be able to help you out.

DirecTV Now Error 40

  1. Power Cycle Device

When using your device from DirecTV, your system will store small files on its memory. These help in loading the data for you faster resulting in providing you with much smoother performance. However, with time these will start to gather up on your storage. After which eventually the system will start running into similar error codes.

Considering this, it is recommended that you power cycle your device to clear up these files from its memory. This will take a few minutes and is also the easiest thing you can try. Start by switching off your device and removing its main power cable. Now, wait for a few minutes before starting up your device again. Once the receiver becomes stable, your problem should be gone.

If this does get rid of your issue then make a habit of power cycling your device once a week. This will ensure that you do not run into similar errors again anytime soon. Finally, people who are using multiple devices should note that they have to power cycle all of these. You should also remove the connections between these and install them again once all the systems have become stable.

  1. Modify Settings

When trying to use other services along with DirecTV, people can start running into the error code 40. This usually happens when there was a problem while trying to start up your device. Considering this, if you are using some other service as well such as Apple TV. Then you will have to ensure that the configuration between the two devices is correctly set up.

You can identify this by going directly to the settings on your secondary device. Once you are there, make sure that the audio out for your current device is set to the second one and not your DirecTV. Once this is done, browse through the video and audio menus to find the sound effect settings as well as the music ones. These should both be enabled. Now save all of the changes you had applied before going back to your main homepage. Startup your DirecTV again and should now boot up without giving you any more errors.

  1. Reset the DirecTV Service

If none of the steps mentioned above work out for you then the user will have to reset their device entirely. Keep in mind that this will remove any changes that you had made to the configuration but your stored data will not be affected.

This includes any movies or shows that you might have recorded on your DirecTV service. Start the reset by holding down the button present on the front panel of your device. Remove the power cable for the DirecTV after a few seconds and then wait for some time. You can then plug the wire back in and your device should take a few minutes to boot up.

Wait for it to become stable patiently and do not press any further buttons. This can interrupt the reset process and the user will have to start it again. Once you notice that your device has reset itself, start setting up the configurations for it again.

Your problem should now be gone after the setup process. If you are still having trouble with any step then it is better that you consult the manual provided by the company. This should include guides to help you with the process.

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