AT&T U-verse Not Available At This Time Restart Receiver: 3 Fixes

att u verse not available at this time restart receiver
att u verse not available at this time restart receiver

AT&T U-verse is simply one of the best services that you can get your hands on if you live in a distant or remote area where it is hard for you to get any Cable TV subscription. Not only that, but even if you are living in some urban areas where you can get the Cable TV subscriptions, AT&T U-verse should be your first choice as it allows you to have crystal clear streaming on your TV screens and that too wirelessly.

If your AT&T U-verse is showing the error message “Not Available at This Time, Restart Receiver”, here is what you need to do.

AT&T U-verse Not Available At This Time Restart Receiver

1) Restart Receiver

Well, as the error message states, you need to restart your receiver once. This is something pretty basic, but you might be facing this problem on your AT&T U-verse service due to some bug or error and that can hinder your streaming experience on the TV. You get a receiver device from AT&T that receives the coverage wirelessly and then it is connected with the TV through an HDMI cable. You can consider it a set-top box that you normally get with your Cable TV subscription but with a different working mechanism.

Restarting it is pretty simple and it has a power button on it, but in order to do it properly. You should disconnect the HDMI cable from the box and then turn it off. After that plug out the power cord and let the box sit for 2-3 minutes. Once you have done that, you can plug in the power cord first and then the HDMI cable. This is going to help you out perfectly and you are not going to have any sorts of issues on this receiver again.

2) Check on Outage

Outages are also a major reason for getting such errors on your TV Screen. Sometimes the outage can be on a specific channel and you will be able to access all the other channels on your screen. If that is the case, you need to look out for channel outages on the internet and make sure that there is nothing wrong of that sort with the channel that you are getting this error message with.

3) Contact Support

Once you have done that, you need to contact the AT&T U-verse support department and they will not only be able to look into the issue for you proactively but also help you fix it in the proper manner. There might be issues with your account subscription or the package plan that you are using.

If they are unable to fix the issue, they will be sending a technician down to your place, or you can take the receiver to a support center where they will be able to look into it and make sure that there is not something wrong with it that might have been causing you to face the problem. Contacting support is simply the best way to get the problem solved for good so you won’t have to face it again.

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