DirecTV Error 775 After Power Outage: 3 Ways To Fix

directv 775 after power outage
directv 775 after power outage

Every household needs a TV, and DirecTV has become the prime choice for people. This is because DirecTV offers a wide range of TV packages for people who need entertainment, sports, and live news channels.

However, some users are struggling with DirecTV 775 after the power outage. To help you fix this error, we are sharing various troubleshooting methods to help you out!

DirecTV Error 775 After Power Outage

Whenever the error code 775 occurs with DirectTV, it means that the receiver is having a hard time connecting with the satellite dish. If this error is occurring after the power outage, it’s because the receiver has lost a connection with the satellite and is trying to create a connection again.

This error should go away when the connection is complete. However, if the error stays on for a longer time period, you can follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned below;

1) The Receiver Connections

The first solution is to check out the receiver connections with the satellite dish. In this case, you have to check all the connections on the back of the receiver and make sure that the connections are secure. First of all, you need to check the SAT-IN connection and ensure that the connection is settled in tightly. Secondly, you need to see if you have attached the SWiM power inserter.

Usually, people connect the power inserter to the cable that’s coming from the satellite dish. In case there is a power inserter, you have to disconnect it from the power connection and wait for fifteen to twenty seconds. After fifteen seconds, you can connect the power inserter again and see if the error code is fixed.

In case you don’t know what this power inserter looks like, it is designed with grey or black color, so look for it and reboot it.

2) Other Methods For Watching The Content

In case the error code 775 is appearing on DirecTV, you can still watch your desired channels and shows. For instance, you can press the “list” option for accessing the recorded content on the DVR. In the case of on-demand channels, you can switch on channel 1000 or channel 1100 for accessing movies from the cinema tab. Also, you can watch the content online through “watch online” which is the web-based entertainment stream designed by DirecTV.

3) Reset

The error code 775 with DirecTV can be fixed by resetting the DirecTV receiver. For resetting the receiver, you have to disconnect the receiver from the power outlet and wait for around ten seconds.

After ten seconds, you can connect the receiver to the power outlet again and wait for the receiver to switch on. Keep in mind that the receiver might take a few minutes to switch on properly. If the reset is complete, the TV screen will turn blue and will start acquiring the signals.

Customer Support

If the error code 775 is still there with DirecTV after all the troubleshooting methods, you can call DirecTV customer support. They can be reached out at 1800-531-5000.

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