DirecTV Error 775 After Power Outage: 4 Ways To Fix

directv 775 after power outage
directv 775 after power outage

DirecTV is probably the most famous satellite TV service in the U.S. nowadays. With a large range of channels and tailored packages, DirecTV customers are among the most satisfied out there. 

With its most recent streaming service, DirecTV offers movies, shows, documentaries, and sports throughout the whole day. Channels like ESPN, Disney+, BBC, CNN, Discovery, and many more guarantee a virtually infinite amount of entertainment hours.

However, DirecTV is not entirely safe from experiencing problems. According to complaints from users, there are a number of issues that affect various aspects of this satellite TV service. 

The most recent one, Error #775, has been mentioned to happen just after power outages. 

There is always the chance that you will experience this problem, so even if that hasn’t happened to you, take a look at the easy solutions we brought you today as they may be useful in the future.

How to Fix DirecTV Error 775 After Power Outage?

DirecTV error 775 happens mostly after power outages

As mentioned before, the DirecTV error 775 happens mostly after power outages, which instantly leads us to believe it is at least somewhat related to the power system of the service. 

However, according to users who found a way around the issue and DirecTV representatives, error 775 tells us that there has been a disconnection between the receiver and the satellite.

Still, this problem can be caused by a series of factors, so it may be a hard task to pinpoint the exact cause. 

check power system in the house

You may take the time to check all the power systems of the service and even your house’s power grid just to ensure there is nothing wrong with it. 

You may also waste time trying to figure out what is wrong with your internet connection just to realise your wireless network is working perfectly and it has nothing to do with the error 775 of your DirecTV. 

So, instead of putting time and effort into a task that might not lead you to an efficient solution to the problem, move on to the easy fixes

get efficient solutions to fix problem

Understanding the problem is not the same as fixing it. You may end up finding the exact cause for Error 775 on your service but fail to successfully repair it. 

So, take a look at the easy solutions below and get this problem out of the way so you can enjoy the outstanding entertainment sessions only a service like DirecTV can deliver.

1. Check The Connections With The Receiver

directv show error 775 on tv

As of the moment, DirecTV representatives have informed users that error 775 refers to the loss of connection between the receiver and the satellite, users stopped trying to find the solution through other means. 

That is to say, if users thought before DirecTV representatives’ statement, that the cause of the problem was power-related, they don’t think so anymore. 

It is largely known that the source of error 775 is related to the connection between the receiver and the satellite. Therefore, focusing on this aspect of the set-up might bear better fruits.

Start by checking all the cables<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> are properly inserted into the correct ports on the back of the receiver.

The first one should be the SAT-IN, as that is the most direct connection between the receiver and the satellite.

backside from digital video recorder

Secondly, check if the SWiM, or Single Wire Multiswitch, is also properly attached, as that is the component that transmits the signal from the satellite dish to the receiver.

Most users erroneously connect the power inserter, or SWiM cable, to the cable that comes from the satellite dish. There is nothing wrong with it, but a power outage may cause this component not to properly work.

So, in case you have already checked the connections and the error 775 remains with your DirecTV service, redo this connection. Simply unplug the power inserter and give it at least a minute before plugging it back again. 

unplug power inserter dvr

If you are not acquainted with the pieces of equipment your DirecTV service uses, the power inserter is the component in grey or black that has a few cables coming in and going out of it. 

So, go through the three steps mentioned above and get the error 775 out of the way by ensuring the connection is properly established.

2. There Are Other Ways To Watch DirecTV 

watch online from directv app

Since error 775 prevents the signal from being transmitted from the satellite to the receiver, you will be unable to watch the content delivered through the channels. 

You can, however, access and watch the content from other sources, such as the DVR, ON Demand, Watch Online, and also through the DirecTV App. None of these services are affected by the lack of connection between the satellite and the receiver.

So, in case error 775 is stopping you from watching programs aired by your favourite channels, simply change the way you are watching the content. 

First of all, if you decide it’s time to watch something else, you can just press the ‘list’ button on your remote and get to the list of recordings. 

There, you will probably find that show you have been trying to make time to watch or the episodes of your favourite series you have been longing to catch up on. 

Secondly, by tuning into channel 1000 or 1100, you get all the On Demand content DirecTV offers. We are talking about thousands of options between movies and TV shows. 

waiting download directv app on ios

Thirdly, you can access the Watch Online service through a computer, Laptop, or tablet and enjoy the content of your DirecTV service through these devices. 

In case you have a spare HDMI cable that can connect the device to the TV set, the experience should be pretty much the same as the common way you enjoy your DirecTV service. 

Lastly, you can simply download the DirecTV App on your Android or iOS devices and watch the content online.

3. Give The Receiver A Reset

resetting the receiver with press button reset

Connectivity problems might also be solved by resetting the receiver. Many so-called experts indeed believe that restarting an electronic device doesn’t do much to repair errors, but they couldn’t be more wrong. 

It has been proven that electronic devices demand a little breathing time every now and then. That can be achieved through a reset, which should also address minor errors that may be affecting other aspects of the device. 

Configuration and compatibility, for instance, are aspects that are addressed by the restarting procedure. Through troubleshooting, the system scans for errors and fixes them, delivering a fully functioning and error-free device afterward.

Also, every system that comes with an internet connection has a storage unit that holds the temporary files that help establish faster and stronger connections. 

These temporary files get stored in the cache and it doesn’t have infinite storage space, which means it should be cleaned periodically. 

give the device time to diagnostic protocols

Most of these temporary files become obsolete or are no longer necessary for the system to establish connections, so there is no point in keeping them. 

By restarting your DirecTV receiver, the system also clears the cache from all unnecessary temporary files, giving the device memory more room to perform its various tasks.

So, find the red reset button, which should either be next to the card port on the right side of the receiver or behind the access card door and press it. 

Then, give the device time to work through the diagnostics and protocols and resume working from a fresh starting point.

4. Give Customer Support A Call

contact customer support to give you solutions

In the event none of the easy solutions above work for you, your last resort may be to contact the DirecTV customer support department. 

Their professionals are accustomed to dealing with a variety of issues, which means they should definitely have a few more ideas on how to solve the problem. 

Moreover, in case their suggestions are above your level of tech expertise, you can always invite them over for a visit and let them deal with the issue on your behalf.

So, call them at 1800-531-5000 and let them know you need some help.

Finally, in the event you find out about other easy solutions for DirecTV error 775, don’t keep them to yourself. Write to us through the comments box below and share that info with the community. 

By doing so, you will be helping us get stronger and more united. So, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out!

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