9 Ways To Troubleshoot DirecTV Com Refresh 726 Error

directv com refresh 726
directv com refresh 726

DirecTV is a well-known satellite TV service that provides weather, entertainment, and news channels. They have amazing packages for people who want on-demand content or want to customize the channels on their subscription. On the contrary, DirecTV com refresh 726 error is extremely frustrating but we are sharing the solutions with you in this article!

DirecTV Com Refresh 726 Error

1) Card

If you are a DirecTV user, you would be aware of the fact that it comes with the card. This card is responsible for broadcasting the channels on your TV screen. So, if an error is appearing on your system, you need to reposition the card.

For this reason, the first step is to pull out the card from the device and plug it in again. Also, when you take out the card, make sure you clean it up and make sure there is no dust. Secondly, it’s best to blow into the card slot for removing the dust.

Secondly, the error can occur when the card is unable to find the receiver identification number (it’s commonly known as RID) or is not matching. This is why we mentioned that you have to pull out the card and plug it in again.

2) Authorization

If you haven’t been able to fix the error by repositioning the card, you have to get the authorization done again. To be honest, getting the authorization done on your own can be challenging but calling DirecTV customer support is a viable solution. The DirecTV customer support can be reached at 800-531-5000. Keep in mind that this is the technical support number and you can tell them about the error.

There are chances that they will ask you questions about your account, so answer the questions and they will resend the authorization. Also, when the technical team resends the authorization, it will be automatic, so you don’t need to worry about manual work. Keep in mind that if you haven’t used the DirecTV receiver for a long time, it will be deactivated.

For this reason, reauthorization is important. In case you are wondering what happens with the authorization when technical tram sends it, it is basically the programming information. So, when your devices receive the programming information, the deactivation will be fixed and your devices will become functional.

3) Reboot

In some cases, all you need to do is refresh the service because it can streamline the DirecTV functionality. For rebooting the DirecTV devices, you have to plug out the power cable from the associated devices. When the devices are unplugged, you have to wait for minimum of five minutes and plug in the cables again. As the result, when the devices switch on, we are certain that you won’t have the error again.

4) Subscription

Admit it or not, DirecTV come refresh 726 can be caused by subscription issues. For instance, there are chances that you haven’t paid the due charges, such as subscription charges. In that case, you have to pay the due charges and make sure the payment is cleared out. On the other hand, if you have already paid the charges, there are chances that there your account wasn’t cleared.

For this reason, you can call DirecTV customer support and ask them to have a look at your account. There are chances that you might be connected to the finance department. Still, share the issue with them and they will check your account. In case there are account-related issues, they can fix them and the error will be fixed (if it’s because of subscription issues).

5) Authorize From Website

In case you don’t want to call the technical team for resending the authorization, you can do it on your own online. For this reason, you need to open the DirecTV website and log into your account. Once you are logged in, open the “resend” tab (you will be authorized for it). When you press the authorization button, the DirecTV will be reprogrammed and we are certain that the error will be fixed.

6) Internet Connection

To be honest, internet connection can be a reason behind this error but it’s very rare. Still, if the previous solutions haven’t worked out for you, we suggest that you optimize the internet connection. Generally, the weak internet signals cause this error but you can optimize the internet connection by upgrading the internet package.

However, upgrading the internet package can be expensive, so why don’t you try rebooting your internet modem and router? The router or modem reboot is simple since you just have to unplug it and connect it to power after a few minutes. The rebooting is highly likely to improve the signal strength, hence better internet speed. Lastly, you can also change the network channel for connecting to the less crowded channel

7) Cables

Cables play an essential role when we talk about the DirecTV network. This is because the connectivity can be tarnished if the cables are low-quality. It is suggested to choose the high-quality cables and buy from the reputed brand. On the other hand, if you already have the right cables, there are chances of damages that are causing signal issues.

You need to keep in mind that damages can be external as well as internal. The external damages can be checked by inspecting the cables. As for the internal damages, you will need to use a multimeter (it shows the continuity errors). In either case, you have to change the cables.

8) Server

If the cables are fine but the error is still there, you need to consider the server issues. Usually, this error can appear when the server is down. DirecTV is likely to tweet about such server outages, so check their Twitter or other social media handles. In case there is a server outage, you have to wait until their technicians fix the server.

9) Receiver Compatibility

No, you cannot just buy any receiver because it must be high-quality and compatible with DirecTV. That being said, it is better to ask the DirecTV experts about a suitable receiver for us. Once you change or replace the receiver, we are certain that the error will be fixed.

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