7 Ways To Troubleshoot Slow Internet On ASUS Laptop

asus laptop slow internet
asus laptop slow internet

Do you also feel like your internet connection gets extra slow speeds when you’re working on your ASUS Laptop? It gets very annoying to just wait and watch your laptop screen taking hours in loading the simplest webpages and sites. You cannot get anything done on time whether it’s your subject assignments or research reports or an online survey. Every task takes forever to finish.

What to do when the tasks you can do in minutes start consuming hours of your precious time? You can find out the reasons for your ASUS Laptop slow Internet and sort out ways to solve these speed issues by simply reading this article.

Troubleshooting ASUS Laptop Slow Internet

The list of reasons behind those speed issues that you’re facing while working on your ASUS laptop goes on and on. Some of the most common ones are described as follows which you can avoid improving your internet speeds.

  1. Interrupted Wi-Fi Signals

Your internet speeds are often interrupted by the electromagnetic rays traveling through all over the house. All the electronic devices in your home are responsible for emitting these EM radiations.

These rays interrupt the internet signal transmission of your Wi-Fi services and cause it to work on slow speeds.

  1. Disturbed Internet Connection

The internet speeds depend upon which type of communication you are using. Either it is a wired connection or a wireless internet connection.

For the sake of their comfort and ease of use, the majority of people prefer using a wireless internet connection. But the problem with a wireless connection is it can be easily disrupted.

There are many physical and electrical barriers that cause these disruptions in your wireless connection such as your household stuff, your furniture, concrete walls and other wooden or steel materials present in its path.

  1. Huge Internet Traffic

The internet services that you’re using are also used by other people.  It is possible that in your local area, many people opted to use the same internet services from your internet provider which has caused the connection to become overpopulated in your area. May be all your neighbors are suffering the same speed issues with their internet as you are.

  1. Router/ Modem Issues

Whether you’re using a Wi-Fi modem or an internet router or a hotspot dongle to access internet services, your routing device is very important to get a better working internet connection on your ASUS Laptop.

There a number of routing device issues that have been reported by people facing a similar type of ASUS Laptop slow internet problems.

It could be that your router is damaged, one of the connections might not be properly configured, it could be out of date and old, it could be incompatible with your computing device, it could be positioned in the wrong place, and there could be a Coverage issue and so on.

  1. ASUS Laptop Problems

Out of all the possible causes, your ASUS Laptop could also be the reason that you’re facing slow Internet speeds. It might be having some issues because it is somehow damaged or overheated or it could be an underlying hardware problem that’s making your internet connection slow. It also could be incompatible or its system can be out of date to properly run your internet connection at high speeds.

  1. Coverage Problems

Sometimes the problem is neither with your router nor with your laptop but the problem is with coverage. So before buying internet services from a company, you should always check their coverage maps to make sure if they provide coverage in your area.

7. Peak Time Of The Day

If you’re an all-time internet user, you must have noticed that at some specific time frames during the day internet speeds tend to slow down a bit as compared to other times.

This is because certain hours are said to be peak hours when your internet connection is crowded with the maximum number of users. The overload of activities causes the internet to lose their usual speeds because the servers have to manage a lot of different users’ data and their activities.


By Avoiding all the above-written causes, you can get rid of your speed issues and boost your ASUS Laptop slow internet connection. Don’t forget to leave feedback on how the steps helped you to solve your slow internet speed problems.

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