9 Ways To Fix Slow Internet Upload Speed

internet upload speed slow
internet upload speed slow

Slow uploading speed is a struggle which immediately needs to be examined and eliminated. If you have fast downloading speed, but your uploading speed is minimal, then browsing smoothly on the Internet can get a lot tough. No one likes their webpages loading slow, not even a bit.

Identifying slow internet uploading speed is easy. The webpages take extra time to load, or sometimes it takes too long that the link gets expired. The persisting sluggishness of the entire connection makes you lose interest in your work. Every webpage from Google Maps to Gmail suddenly gets too sluggish. Your internet speed can keep dropping down while loading webpages despite opting for high-tier data plans with the excellent network coverage. This is the annoying thing one could come across.

Ever since the Internet came into existence, people have pledged their complaints regarding slow internet issues, especially time-taking uploading speeds. However, we are fortunate enough to have several technological geeks to cover us, giving us the best solutions to get rid of any persistent internet connection issue.

One of the apparent reasons to encounter slow uploading issue is the less bandwidth and outdated computer programs. However, there are several other issues too.

Ways To Fix Slow Internet Upload Speed:

In this article, we have analyzed the best possible solutions and troubleshooting ways to help you have adequate control over your slow webpage uploading speed. Besides, the prescribed permanent solutions wouldn’t let the issue persist.

1. Optimizing Slow Uploading Speeds:

The upload speed that you have when uploading files to Space or sending files though Hightail depends on your network connection and bandwidth. Bandwidth allowance determines the amount of data that can pass from the Internet to your web browser in a given amount of time. A smaller bandwidth results in a long time to transfer Internet data on your web browser.

2. Reboot The Modem:

Reboot your router and modem immediately if you notice your network connection is lagging. When you suspect that the issue is staying for long and the network is not working as it should, start rebooting without giving it a second thought. Slow internet speed is likely to freeze your webpages loading and Netflix streaming. This unnecessary freezing could break your rhythm very badly.

Give your router an adequate time to restart. Spare it some time to cool down and flush out its cache memory. When we keep working with the older hardware without restarting and removing the cache memory, it can get to the webpage loading speeds and slow them down. Therefore, restarting and rebooting is essential.

Besides rebooting and restarting, upgrading your firmware can be helpful as well. The procedure for updating the firmware is quite similar to rebooting.

3. Run Speed Tests:

If you find out that you have been persistently encountering slow uploading speeds with all the websites, then the problem might root to your Internet service connection. To examine your connection speed accurately, run a speed test, and find out the current speed of your connection.

Navigate to this link http://www.speedtest.net to test your network speed. There are also other internet testing software.

After examining the speed, you will get to know that you need at least a 2-3 Mbps upload connection to make sure that your files transferring becomes smoother.

However, if your internet speed test results not as strong as it should be, then you need to reconsider your internet plan that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be providing. Contact the ISP of your internet connection to know about the working of your internet speed.

4. Switch To Wired Internet Connection:

Another reason that can be potentially causing glitches and lags is using wireless internet connection. These connections have small connection glitches, which can ultimately make your file stall go through a shift in loading. Therefore, you are recommended to switch to a wired connection.

5. Firefox And Chrome Over Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer is said to work and browse slower than Chrome or Firefox. Try to browse on Chrome for better uploading speeds.

6. Replace Firewalls With Built-in Windows:

Using third-party software like ZoneAlarm, quickly replace it with the built-in Windows or any other. A firewall can be the ultimate reason behind slow uploading speeds.

7. Remove Restrictions From Particular Websites:

If you consistently face blocking issues or slow uploading issues with particular websites, try to reach out to your IT department. Enquire if they have exerted any restrictions over uploading geo-blocked web sites.

8. Replace Outdated Software Versions:

If your internet connection works perfectly fine with other devices, then the issue lies within the outdated and expired versions of your software programs.

It is necessary to make sure that your web browser is the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

If your internet uploading issue remains the same even after buying the latest version of Windows or internet browsers, then it is high time you start browsing on different PC to isolate the issue. However, if the uploading speed increases on another computer, you will realize that it was your computer, the actual problem causer. Although if your speed doesn’t improve with the different equipment, then your internet connection is left to be blamed.

9. Handle (ISP) Internet Service Provider:

Sometimes slow uploading speeds are because of the failed working of your Internet Service Provider. Therefore, you are recommended to choose a high-speed internet connection coupled with high uploading speeds.

Often with Cables, the uploading speeds are significantly slower as compared to the downloading speed. Such cables are likely to be fast for many websites when it comes to downloading while the uploading speed remains slow.

It is better to contact your ISP about the speeds and plans.


Facing slow uploading speed is normal when a considerable audience is surfing on the Internet and browsing 24/7. Having a slow internet uploading speed requires an adequate amount of attention. Above are tested troubleshooting ways and permanent solutions to address this issue. In the end, it is safe to say that contacting your Internet Service Provider first could save you from a lot of troubles.

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