7 Ways To Troubleshoot Slow GCI Internet

gci internet slow
gci internet slow

GCI is one popular company in Alaska that has been providing seamless internet connection. Moreover, GCI is quite efficient in giving out the internet (Wi-Fi and Wired) connection, phone, and television services all over in Alaska. However, it has been quite some time that the users are pledging complaints against the services of GCI Wi-Fi gateway. We are familiar with slow internet speeds.

Persistent slowdowns on the internet make you want to bang your head in the wall. Although, we have got you covered in this regard. We have pinpointed some of the most effective troubleshooting solutions for you that could possibly improve your GCI Wi-Fi Gateway speed.

At this point, you must have a fair idea of many factors that affect the speed of an internet connection. Different users face different wraths with internet speeds. The reasons could range from the poor arrangement of connected devices to the usage of outdated devices. Like we discussed, the reasons could be anything.

Gross Communication Income (GCI):

GCI is one hell of popular telecommunication in Alaska that has been offering its services for individuals and business owners at large scale. From television sets to Wi-Fi Gateways, GCI is on the bandwagon of providing the best for its users. This telecommunicating cooperating company was founded back in 1979. From being quite old, it is one of the most trusted one in Alaska.

Troubleshooting Steps For GCI Slow Internet

Slow speeds and persistent buffering can be due to poor Wi-Fi connection. Follow these steps to get the improved speeds:

1) Run A Speed Test

To have a better understanding of your slow internet issue, it is always better to go for a speed test. Navigate to the speedtest.net. Ensure that you have disconnected other devices so the speed test can be properly carried out. Run your speed test. Shortly, you will get the speed results. Coordinate the result with the speed you opted for. If they didn’t match, call your internet service provider. However, if they did, then proceed to the next step.

2) Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

Sometimes the actual problem lies with your GCI Gateway router. all you need is to give your router a little quick push. Unplug your router. wait for a while. Plug it back. You will definitely see some improved speeds. Although, if you didn’t, jump to the next step.

3) Locate Your Wi-Fi Router

Most of the time, the internet speeds get sufficiently slow when your router is not located properly. Try to place it in a high position so that the Wi-Fi signals reach everywhere in the house. The poorly installed router can create glitches in speed due to weakly generated signals.

4) Move Your Device Closer To GCI Wi-Fi Gateway Router

Try to locate your device as near as possible to the GCI Gateway router. the long-distance between these devices fail to generate optimum signal strength. This is one of the long term troubleshooting solutions for slow speed.

5) Replace Outdated Devices

We don’t usually realize it but the actual problem can be associated with your outdated and expired devices. If the version of your device is older than 802.11 standards, then it is a high time you replace your device or update its versions.

6) Perform Power Cycle With Your Device

Turn off your device for a few minutes. Upon turning it on, browse to various web pages and check if the speed is improved. It is one of the reliable solutions that can give excessive fast speeds.

7) Avoid Objects With High Interference

When your GCI Wi-Fi router is placed in closer contact with concrete surfaces, the Wi-Fi signals generated can be super slow. Make sure to keep your device away from such objects i.e walls glass etc. in this way, the signals would efficiently reach all the devices in the house thus providing the best speeds.


GCI undoubtedly has got the best offerings for its consumers however it is going quite down these days. The above-mentioned troubleshooting steps are tested 10/10 to resolve your slow speed issues. However, if you still have speed issue you are recommended to contact your ISP straightaway. You can contact or file a complaint to GCI, as well. Anything, that suits you best!

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