Can I Use External Hard Drive On Apple TV? (Answered)

apple tv external hard drive
apple tv external hard drive

Apple TV devices and the Apple TV app give you a superb collection of streaming. People in large numbers buy Apple TV devices to set them up in their house and enjoy family time watching the latest shows and programs. However, apart from Apple TV’s storage, some Apple TV users have external hard drives with numerous movies and presentations stored in it. That is why they want to play those hell load of movies on their Apple TV via their external hard drives; can be anything; USB hard drive or CD drive. In this article, we will provide you relevant information on playing external hard drives with Apple TV. Stay with us.

Can I Access External Hard Drive Content On My Apple TV?

External hard drives store extra GB video and photos files. You can play them later on your streaming devices by merely plugging the hard drive in your device. It gets more comfortable when you are using a MacBook or any other laptop. Apple TV users wonder if they can play the video on their devices via external hard drives. Well, it is possible but not directly. Apple TV can’t access the external hard drives’ content now on the TV. You would need to follow a proper workaround for that.

Being said that, the Apple TV is unable to play the content from networked devices naively. You can still have some apps in the Apple store that play hard drive content (via syncing).

However, the DRM protected media files fetched from the iTunes cannot play outside the iTunes limit. It is because they are unable to unlock DRM.

You have an option to fetch your iTunes Library on your external hard drive to get the content streamed on your Apple instead of your computer. Make sure that all of the movies are stored in your drive to be seen in iTunes Library.

You can later use the Home Sharing feature in iTunes to stream the media on your Apple TV via the Computers App.

Use USB External Hard Drive On Apple TV As Secondary Storage:

If you are worried about the storage capacity of your Apple TV, the most effective way of using an external hard drive is to utilize it for increasing the storage capacity of your Apple TV.

To make it happen, you can use your USB hard external drive as a secondary storage option. You may use it as primary, too, but using USB as secondary storage is the most recommended option.

Your USB device will sync to your iTunes Library directly to get you the streaming content you want.

Gather these before starting:

  • USB Hard Drive of MacOS or FAT32.
  • Install ATV flash
  • Download Smart Installer for USB support.

Now refer to these steps:

  1. Connect the external USB drive.
  2. The drive’s content will be made accessible via nitoTV in the Files menu.
  3. To ensure that your USB hard drive doesn’t get disconnected while the Apple TV is still powered on, you would need to display the drive in the nitoTV > Files menu.
  4. Press the left arrow key. The drive will disappear, which can now be safely disconnected.

This is one way you can display external hard drives content on your Apple TV.

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