4 Approaches For Solving Eero Issues With Apple Devices

eero issues with apple devices
eero issues with apple devices

Eero has become a reliable choice for users who need to optimize their home network systems. This is because they have routers that can connect with every device in the home, including Apple devices and smart devices. However, some users have been complaining about eero issues with Apple devices, but with this article, you will find information about the solutions.

Eero Issues With Apple Devices

1. Check The Security Features

When it comes down to the eero routers, they are very particular about the security features. The security and encryption features are quite conflicting when it comes down to Apple devices. In particular, you need to change the encryption settings. For this purpose, you have to open the router settings, switch to the Security tab, and disable the WPA3 encryption. Once the security feature is disabled, just reboot your router and the devices to create a secure and seamless internet connection.

2. Reboot The Router

The second solution that you can try is to reboot your eero router. The eero routers can be easily rebooted by unplugging them from the power source and plugging them in after some time to establish the internet connection. Keep in mind that the router reboot will refresh the internet signals, and the Apple devices will be able to create a better internet connection. The best thing about the reboot is that it automatically resolves minor hardware and software errors without following any extensive troubleshooting steps. So, try the router reboot and see if Apple devices connect to the internet.

In addition to rebooting the router, you should also reboot your Apple devices that are unable to establish an internet connection. Rebooting the Apple devices will help install the latest updates, which also helps fix the bugs (these bugs can deteriorate the internet service).

3. Forget The Network

In the majority of cases, following a complete reboot surely helps fix the problem with the internet connectivity associated with Apple devices. However, if the eero router is still not working well with the Apple device, we suggest that you forget the eero network from the device’s settings and re-establish the internet connection. To complete this process, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Open the Apple device and go to the settings
  • Click on Wi-Fi and tap on the network name that’s being used by eero
  • Then, choose the “forget this network” option, and the network will be deleted
  • Now, toggle off and on the Wi-Fi feature. It will start looking for the available networks, and your eero network will appear as well
  • When you find the desired network, click on it and add the password
  • Once you add the password, the Apple device will be connected to the internet, and it will work without any errors

4. Call ISP

The last solution is to call the internet service provider because there might be backend internet issues that are restricting the connection. The internet service provider will be able to reboot the internet connection from the backend or provide assistance on how to optimize the internet connection.

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