Does A Verizon Fios Router Support USB External Hard Drive?

verizon fios router usb external hard drive
verizon fios router usb external hard drive

Video streaming and sharing are quite common for the new generation. In addition, everyone these days wants fast internet. As there are many different routers with different specifications, it is hard for everyone to choose a suitable one for himself or herself. Fiber optic is still the most effective and efficient method to move loads of data with minimum losses. Fios by Verizon is also a fiber-optic network, which gives you fast internet, with no buffering and no lags. Getting the perfect router that works with Verizon Fios can be a hectic thing to do but it is worth it for sure. Sharing large files, as well as the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band technology makes your internet faster than ever. This product and service are great but some users ask the questions that “does a Verizon Fios router support USB external hard drive?”

Verizon Fios Router USB External Hard Drive Support

External USB Hard Drive

The answer to the question that “does a Verizon Fios router support USB external hard drive?” is mostly “no”. Verizon Fios routers do not support any external hard drives via USB port. There are many other ways to connect an external hard drive through the USB port. The cheapest way is to buy a new router that has low quality, does support USB connectivity, and connects easily. Installing third party software and joining it all up can help too.

Purchasing a SATA to USB and an eSATA External Enclosure (EEE) and plugging them after installing the software might get that USB port to work. As the Verizon Fios router says that a future firmware update may get the USB port to work and make it available for use, but it still has not rolled out yet. However, Verizon advises keeping the devices up to date as most of their new updates fix many issues that customers keep facing.

Moreover, if buying a new router is not on the list, there is a program provided by Verizon that customers can download and install on their devices. The Verizon Media Manager is a great application and tool that lets users create playlists and lets them organize the playlists as well. Moreover, this program helps users in accessing the internet and different videos right from their computer. The DVR plays an important role here as it is then used to stream all of these playlists, videos, and clips from your computer on to the TV screen. The setup for the Verizon Media Manager is available on the internet, however, you cannot find it here is the link:

Many users found out that the Verizon Media Manager is useful but has some issues. The DVR does not support all types of formats and mostly does not support data files such as DIVX and AVI. The Verizon Media Manager perfectly converts these formats to the ones that can be played on the devices. However, there is a lot of loss in terms of quality. Even the application has some errors as it stutters and sometimes it does the video conversions very poorly.


To summarize this all up, Verizon has different routers and these routers have different types of USB ports. Some work with printers, some work with SSDs, and some do not support and connect to any other device that is not from Verizon. It is important to find the most suitable Verizon Fios router that suits you. As on a Verizon Fios router support, USB external hard drive is not possible, getting a new one or using your old router for connectivity purposes can be the only solution.

In addition, if you want to stay under the Verizon radar, you can just download the Verizon Media Manager software to stream all video content using your computer. The features may be limited to an extent but having these features instead of no solution at all is a better option.

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