How To Unpair Apple TV Remote? Explained

how to unpair apple tv remote
how to unpair apple tv remote

Apple TV is the right choice for people who like smart features in their TVs. This TV comes with a remote control just like all other TVs, so can navigate the TV and control the features. However, some people do want to unpair the remote control for some reason. If you are one of them, we are sharing everything with you!

How To Unpair Apple TV Remote?

The users can utilize any Apple remote control to unpair the Apple TV from the remote. This is because if you lose the Apple remote that was paired with the TV, you cannot use the replacement remote unless you unpair the Apple TV from the remote control that you’ve lost. This is because if the LED light blinks three times whenever you press some key on the remote control but doesn’t respond on the screen, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to unpair the remote from Apple TV, such as;

  • In case you are using the aluminum Apple remote, you need to press the left buttons and menu and hold it for six seconds. On the other hand, if you are using the white remote, press the previous/rewind button and menu button for six seconds
  • The second option is to choose the settings, open the General tab, and select the remotes option from the main menu. Now, tap on the “unpair Apple remote” and the remote will be unpaired

When the remote is unpaired from the Apple TV, you will see the broken chain-link symbol on the top of the remote. Once the old remote is unpaired, you can also pair your Apple TV to another TV remote.

Additional Information

When it comes down to unpairing the remote, people generally connect or pair a new remote because the old one is not working or is lost. So, before you invest in new remote control and pair it, you can try charging it for thirty minutes through the wall charge and a lightning USB cable. This is because the remote controls show bad performance and functionality when they aren’t charged. So, charge the remote control and see if it solves the issue.

In addition, you can also replace the batteries in the remote control. Generally, it is suggested that you change the batteries after every three to four months because of constant work. So, try to change the batteries and pair the Apple TV to the remote control. If you want to save some money, you can opt for rechargeable batteries.

All in all, after charging the remote control, you must unplug the Apple TV from the power and wait for six seconds. When the TV switches, pair the remote control to it and see if it works (you won’t have to change the remote this way).

To summarize, these points will help you fix the pairing issues with the Apple TV and you won’t need to buy a new remote control. Also, if the Apple TV is in warranty, you can also ask Apple customer support for remote control replacement.

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