Can I Plug My Router Into Any Phone Jack?

can i plug my router into any phone jack
can i plug my router into any phone jack

It is no novelty that pretty much everyone’s lives are reliant by internet connections nowadays. From the alarm gadget that wakes you up in the morning until the content you are reading from a social media profile, many of us spend the whole day connected to the internet.

Since the beginning, new technologies have been developed, bringing more speed and stability to networks.

One of the greatest developments in terms of internet technology is the wireless router. This device works as a distributor of internet signal that might come directly from an external device or a modem. It can also enhance the intensity and stability of the signal sent to the connected devices.

And, differently from the modem, that requires cables to perform connections, routers are equipped with wireless transmitters that emits signals through the air and allow multiple connections simultaneously.

differently from the modem

It is quite common to see a router working with a modem. The latter receives the signal from the external device, such as an antenna, or a satellite dish and passes it on to the router, which distributes through the connected devices.

On the other hand, wireless routers do not necessarily require a modem to distribute the signal, which means they can be connected directly to the source of the internet signal. Considering that, some have been enquiring if it is possible to get internet simply by plugging the router cable in any phone port, or jack.

Can I Plug My Router Into Any Phone Jack?

Can I Plug My Router Into Any Phone Jack

To answer the question: Yes, it is possible. However, there are some particularities that must be observed in order for the router to actually receive and distribute the internet signal.

For example, this setup will require the use of specific modems, called DSL-oriented or DSL modems. That means a single connection of the router directly into the phone jack won’t do the trick, as routers are not capable of working as modems.

Should you find yourself asking that question, bear with us as we walk you through all the relevant information regarding DSL modems and what else you need to perform a reliable internet connection through your phone jack.

Explaining DSL Modems

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, or Loop, is a communication technology that transmits data through copper telephone landlines. It is the primary form of broadband internet access, and it uses telephone lines to distribute the internet signal. That is why you can get that kind of signal through a phone jack.

The big change DSL modems brought was to enable the conversion of the telephone signal into an internet one, which meant that everywhere a phone line could reach, internet could arrive as well.

DSL modems are largely used nowadays, mainly due to the fact that users can connect a router to that kind of modem and have the internet signal distribute throughout a larger area with higher speeds and enhanced stability.

Additionally, routers allow simultaneous connections, which means everyone in the house gets to be connected at the same time.

Therefore, should you opt for a direct connection through your phone jack, make sure to use a DSL modem. Not only it will convert the telephone signal into an internet one, but it will also permit the connection of a wireless router.

Can I Have The Modem And The Router In One Single Device?

Can I Have The Modem And The Router In One Single Device

Thanks to the advances in internet connection technologies, it is possible nowadays to have a DSL modem and a wireless router in the same device. That means a single device can both receive the telephone signal and convert it into an internet signal and also distribute it to a number of devices wirelessly.

This is a great advance in terms of internet gear as cabling becomes much easier when you have only one piece of equipment. Additionally, programs are busy controlling and enhancing the performance of one single device, instead of two separate softwares working for two different pieces of equipment.

This delivers an overall higher control of the navigation and usage of the internet allowance.

common DSL modem

However, since this one single piece of equipment is actually housing two different devices, the bundle is a little bigger than a common DSL modem. On the other hand, the bundle is smaller than the two devices put together, which helps users who don’t have spacious workstations.

Bear in mind, though, that should you opt for a DSL modem and wireless router in one piece of equipment, the device must have Ethernet ports, or else the telephone signal has no way to reach the converter and switch into the internet one.

Can I Set It Up Using A Remote Telephone Jack System:

Can I Set It Up Using A Remote Telephone Jack System

Yes, that is also possible. For those who are not so acquainted with the remote telephone jack system, it is works as a wireless phone jack that you can take anywhere within the coverage area.

This means you get a lot more mobility with your phone and, should you opt for a DSL modem connection wired with a wireless router, you get extra coverage for your wi-fi network.

You will still need a DSL modem and a router, or an all-in-one device, but since you would need it anyway, giving your wi-fi network a bit more room to run looks sweet!

So go ahead and set up your internet connection through your remote, or wireless phone jack and let your network reach those parts of your house where the signal is not so strong.

And How Can I Set Up My Wireless Router With A Landline Jack?

And How Can I Set Up My Wireless Router With A Landline Jack

Setting up your wireless router with a landline jack is quite easy and can be done with pretty much the same equipment you probably already have in your internet system. Simply follow the steps and get your wireless connection working.

  • Firstly, insert the DSL filter into the telephone jack. It would most likely be on the wall
  • Then, connect both telephone lines from the dedicated filter. Bear in mind that the wireless router should be connected to a separate filter, as the DSL modem is the one connected to your phone
  • Thirdly, plug the power cord in the corresponding port on your router
  • That should do it, and your connection should be up and running in a moment

And How Can I Set Up My Telephone Landline To My DSL Modem?

And How Can I Set Up My Telephone Landline To My DSL Modem

This should also be an easy procedure, so follow the steps and get your landline telephone connected to the DSL modem, which should work as an intermediary between the landline and the wireless router:

  • First of all, plug in the telephone line splitter into the jack on the wall
  • Then plug one of the connectors of your landline into the DSL port on the back of the modem
  • Thirdly, plug the splitter cord to the corresponding port on the modem
  • Lastly, complete the connection by plugging in the telephone line into the filter port

The Last Word

The Last Word

It is perfectly possible to set up your internet connection through any phone jack in your house. However, no matter which setup you choose to perform, a DSL modem will always be required.

This is because a wireless router cannot perform the same type of conversion a DSL modem can, so the telephone signal would reach the router and not be turned into an internet one. So, follow the steps above to perform the connection and get your internet system running all over the house.

On a final note, should you have any information that could aid your fellow readers set up their home internet connections through the phone jacks on their walls, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and help others get the best out of their wireless networks.

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