Can I Plug My Router Into Any Phone Jack?

can i plug my router into any phone jack
can i plug my router into any phone jack

Wireless routers are extensively used for maintaining the connection by transmitting the data signals to the connected devices. However, it does not work alone. The wireless router requires additional equipment named modem which is responsible to make the internet connection possible. On the contrary, the router is used to receive that internet connection and transfer its connection to various connected devices. Now considering this scenario, one question arises that if it is possible to plug your router into any phone line’s jack. So the quite frequent answer is, yes it does. One can easily plug their wireless router in the back of their phone’s jack for establishing an internet connection. Although, only specified modems are used for this. Those modems are mainly DSL-oriented and are called DSL modems.

Let’s dig in deep for the use of DSL modems learning what DSL Internet and Modems are and how it is possible to plug your router into them for robust internet connection. In this article, we have provided all the relevant information that would highly help you in finding out about your prescribed queries.

What Are DSL Modems?

DSL modems are the main equipment for providing a robust internet connection. They only use telephonic lines to make your network connected to the internet. Later on, the wireless router gets connected to the modem, not to the telephonic line. So this is how the DSL modem connects up. Up till now, we have a fair idea that to what extent do routers can be plugged into the back of the Telephone’s jack.

Broadband DSL Internet service is being provided via countless telecommunication companies over a decade. Although, it is quite possible to share your high-speed Internet connection with your wireless-enabled devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones with the proper usage of a wireless router.

Functions Of Router/Modem Combination:

Thanks to the betterment in the wired internet connections for the DSL technology that now mostly all the telecommunication companies offer a piece of single equipment for a definite use of router and modem both. When it comes to size, it is relatively larger than the DSL modem. Although, it performs the functions of both of the router and modem. It creates an internet connection and supply to other connected devices as well. Basically, it houses two pieces of equipment to perform the function of two devices.

Make sure that these router/modem combinations possess Ethernet ports.

What Is Remote Telephone Jack’s System:

The established system of remote phone jack lets the users to directly plug their main unit into one of their home’s telephone jacks and another to an electrical outlet. This system is responsible to transmit a telephonic signal throughout your home wirelessly (usually persuaded by the Wi-Fi connections).

This system increases the flexibility in your home connection. Although, it does not cease the need for the DSL modem to the phone jack.

How To Connect Wireless Router To The Landline?

Plugging in your wireless router to your phone’s landline is quite easy and quick to do. Here’s how:

  • Input the included DSL technology filter to your telephone’s jack that is attached to your wall.
  • Connect both of the telephone lines from the dedicated filter and your wireless router to a separate filter leading to your phone.
  • Now plug in the power cord from your in-home or workplace router to its telephone outlet.
  • Now your router is all set and connected to your landline.

How To Connect My Telephonic Landline To My DSL Modem?

  • Follow these quick steps to achieve the connection:
  • Plug your telephone line’s splitter into your wall’s jack.
  • Now plug one of the ends of your telephone’s cable into your DSL port on the backside of the DSL modem.
  • Now come towards one side of the splitter to plug its specific one side.
  • Finally, complete the process by plugging your telephone line’s cable into a filter.

Can I Plug My Router Into Any Phone Jack?

It is 10/10 possible to have your router plugged with your phone’s jack to form a stable and trusted internet connection. DSL modems play a big part in it. All you would need to do it to plug your DSL modem into your telephone’s jack with a standard phone cable. Later on, plug your wireless router back into the modem using some good quality Ethernet cable to make your wireless network work.

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