Streaming To Apple TV Without iTunes: Is it Possible?

streaming to apple tv without itunes
streaming to apple tv without itunes

Smart TVs have made their place in all the households, offices and multiple other places as they come pre-equipped with tons of exciting features and better connectivity options to connect them with multiple devices simultaneously and a lot more.

Not only that, but audio and video quality is enhanced greatly as well and you get to enjoy the right, close to reality experience with these smart TVs. There are multiple smart TV brands and OS out there that allow you to enjoy the right experience that you might be looking for.

Apple has jumped in the market as well with their Apple TVs that are exceptionally good with the build-quality, stability and a lot more. It offers tons of interesting features as well, but since Apple TV runs the iOS, the connectivity options that you might be getting on the Apple TV are pretty limited.

You can stream videos from other devices to the Apple TV through iTunes, but not everyone has iTunes or an iOS device to be used. So, here are a few things that you will need to know about if you can stream to Apple TV without iTunes.

Streaming To Apple TV Without iTunes: Is it Possible?

Yes, it is possible, and you can stream to the Apple TV without iTunes as well. There are just a few things that you will need to be careful about in order to make it work. You need to know that in order to achieve that, you will need to have a third-party supported application and there is nothing much that you will need to be worried about it as long as you have the right application.

However, there are no such features as Chromecast or any other built-in features that would support you to stream the videos. A few such applications and how you can achieve to stream through these on the Apple TV without iTunes are:

How to Achieve this?

In order to make sure that you can stream some video to the Apple TV without iTunes, you will need some other third-party application that will help you out in the right manner. You just have to ensure that you are getting the right application that will be the best thing according to the device you are looking to stream from, or there is not something incompatible with the features on the applications.

AirFlick is one such application that encodes the video on the fly and it can send it to the Apple TV to be decoded there. It is a pretty good app, but it can get a bit unstable as well. The best part is that AirFlick doesn’t need any special features to work and is pretty easy to use with the right interface that will help you out to ensure that you can easily stream your videos to the Apple TV.

Moving forward, you also get to enjoy the Airvideo application, but it requires another device that is running the iOS and is iOS specific so there is not much that you might need it for since there is AirPlay on all the latest iOS devices.

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