2 Ways To Fix Amazon Fire TV Yellow Light

amazon fire tv yellow light
amazon fire tv yellow light

Amazon Fire TV is a well-reputed and renowned brand in the entertainment market. It connects TV with the fun world which you enjoy with your friends and family. It is hard to deny the fact that one who wants to purchase a TV service will never overlook the Amazon Fire TV. However, many Fire TV customers are complaining about the yellow light on their Fire TV.

In this space, we will delineate what Amazon Fire TV yellow light is. And through what methods one can disable yellow light from their Fire TV. We have enlisted a few most doable troubleshoots that will help you in hard times.

What Do We Mean By Amazon Fire TV Yellow Light?

Fire TV lights indicate several functions in the device or warn users about the number of interruptions. But the yellow light in Amazon’s Fire TV means that the internet connectivity has interrupted. Internet is the medium that develops data communication between TV and device. Therefore, whenever you notice yellow light on Fire TV, you will check the internet connection on a priority basis.

1. Should I Reboot Internet Router To Cancel Fire TV Yellow Light?

Rebooting is the most effective technique through which one can set aside many day-to-day problems in digital devices. As we have learned above, the root causes of yellow light on Fire TV and it is clear that it is the outcome of non-connectivity of the internet. Therefore, we should examine whether the internet is available or not.

If you find that the internet is not working, detach all the cables from the router and turn it off. after few minutes, coax all the wires back to the router and turn on the device. Through this method, the router will drain all the interruptions and reconnects with the internet. And you will have no more yellow light visible on the Fire TV.

2. Can I Contact Internet Provider Customer Care Center?

If you have initiated the reboot method and failed to garner any positive results. Then, you should contact the internet service provider’s customer care center. Their representative will ask you about nuisance, state to them that your internet is not smoothly working. The customer representative will provide you some guidelines to enable internet connectivity.

If they work, then you won’t need any other assistance. And if you have already applied the troubleshoot and all the efforts turn in vain. So, ask them to send their technician to deal with the router physically.


In a nutshell, we have delineated the reasons for yellow light visibility in Amazon’s Fire TV and unlopped that discontinuity of the internet results in the yellow light in the Fire TV. Later, we have presented some effective methods to resolve the issue related to internet connectivity and ending yellow light visibility on the Fire TV.

In this article, we have underlined the most relevant and authentic troubleshoots that will help you to dislodge frustration. We will encourage you to write to us in the comment section. in this forum will take your questions.

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