Fire TV Blinking Orange Light: 3 Ways To Fix

fire tv blinking orange light
fire tv blinking orange light

Fire TV is one of the most loved and endorsed products from Amazon and they bring the best of Amazon Fire OS to the bigger screen for those who love the interface. In addition, to have the right interface, you also get to enjoy all the features of Amazon Fire OS on the TV so you can connect it with Amazon Alexa or any other Amazon devices easily and get a truly wholesome experience.

If the orange light is blinking on the TV, here is what you need to do.

Fire TV Blinking Orange Light: What Does it Mean?

The orange light blinking on the Fire TV means that there are no internet signals on the TV. The Fire TV is fully compatible to work with the Wi-Fi so you are not going to face any errors or issues with that part. However, there might be some bugs or optimization issues that can cause the TV to lose internet signals, and here is how you can fix that up in no time at all.

1) Restart the TV

If you were using Wi-Fi on the TV flawlessly before that, and the issue has come out of nowhere, then this might be nothing but a minor bug or error that can cause you to have the problem.

Restarting your TV once will re-attempt to be connected with the Wi-Fi and that is how you can make it work in a jiffy. So, give it a shot, and most likely the orange light will be gone and you will be able to use the Internet on the Fire TV again.

2) Restart the Router

If you are unable to make it work after you have restarted the TV, the next logical step would be to restart the router. Your Wi-Fi router can also develop some sort of bugs or errors or it might not be sending out the signals properly. So, running a power cycle on your Wi-Fi router will ensure that all the devices including your Fire TV are able to connect over it again and that way your problem will be gone for good.

3) Optimize Wi-Fi settings

The next thing that you should try out if nothing else has worked for you is to optimize the router settings. You need to make sure that there is not any VPN or Firewall enabled on your Wi-Fi router that can prevent the Fire TV to be connected over the network.

You will also need to make sure that your Wi-Fi router does not have MAC filtering enabled as it is not efficient as it sounds and even though if you have the TV’s MAC Address entered in the router, it can cause some errors at times.

Disabling the MAC filtering and VPN should do the trick for you, but just to be sure, you should also switch the frequency to 2.4Ghz from 5Ghz as it will be getting you a more stable Wi-Fi network and you can use it on the Fire TV without issues. After changing the settings, restart your router for the settings to be effective and that would make it work for sure.

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