Xfinity Mobile Voicemail Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

xfinity mobile voicemail not working
xfinity mobile voicemail not working

Xfinity Mobile delivers telephony services throughout the whole U.S. territory and is known for its excellent quality of signal. On a good day, its signals reach even the most remote areas of the country.

Starting from $30, Xfinity mobile plans rely on affordability to keep their subscribers always connected, while also allowing them more control over various service aspects.

Their Ultra-Wideband 5G mobile service brings internet connection speeds to the top of the scale, allowing users to stream videos, play games online, and much more.

However, not everything in the Xfinity Mobile world is a dream. Not even Xfinity, and its exquisite quality of signal strength and coverage, is able to completely avoid issues.

According to some of the complaints from users, an issue has been hindering the performance of some of their mobile service aspects. The current service that is being affected most, according to many accounts, is the voicemail feature.

So, if you are experiencing the same sort of problem, check the list of easy solutions we brought you today. We hope that, by following through with the list, you will be able to fix the problem promptly and without hassle.

How To Fix Xfinity Mobile Voicemail Not Working?

  1. Make Sure You Have Enabled The Voicemail Feature

Make Sure You Have Enabled The Voicemail Feature

The first, and perhaps most obvious idea should be to verify that the voicemail service is enabled on your Xfinity mobile service. Not all plans have the voicemail feature included.

So, before going through any complex fixes, just make sure your plan has the feature. In case you realize your plan does not have the voicemail feature and you would like to have it, simply contact Xfinity customer support, or even the sales department, to get an upgrade to your plan.

The volume of feedback from users concerning the quality of the voicemail service is astonishing. That is mainly because, even though largely reported, the voicemail issue hasn’t affected such a large number of users so far.

So, get the voicemail service on your Xfinity account and enjoy one more excellent feature the company offers to their subscribers.

  1. Make Sure To Follow The Configuration Steps

Make Sure To Follow The Configuration Steps

Some people ended up experiencing problems with the voicemail feature on their Xfinity mobiles because they did not follow the configuration instructions as much as they could have.

Whether by thinking they would not need to use the feature or by underestimating the configuration steps, people got to the end of the setup and then realized the service wasn’t working.

Don’t make the same mistake! You’ll never know when you might need to use the feature. So, make sure to strictly follow the configuration steps as that should lead you to the proper set-up of the service.

ask customer support technicians

Moreover, you can always ask customer support technicians for help with the steps, so make sure they are properly covered.

It goes without saying that a mobile that doesn’t have compatibility with its voicemail feature will not be able to avail of the service.

So, if you are changing mobiles, make sure the new one is compatible with the voicemail before you make the purchase. That is, if you intend to use the feature later on.

  1. Give Your Xfinity Mobile A Restart

Give Your Xfinity Mobile A Restart

In the event that you verified that the voicemail feature is activated and that your mobile is compatible with the service but the problem persists, move on to the next step.

The third solution involves dealing with configuration issues that might have reared their ugly heads along the way. Thankfully, there is quite an easy way to have your mobile check for problems and then address them. Simply give it a restart and let it work on its own for a while.

Even though many so-called experts disregard the restarting procedure as an effective problem-solving tool, it actually does more than you would expect.

Besides searching the whole system for errors related to compatibility and configuration and then fixing them, restarting your mobile should also clean out the cache.

The cache, in case you don’t know, is a storage unit for temporary files which help the device make better and faster connections with web pages or other devices.

The problem is that these files stack up in the memory. Then when they take up too much space, the device’s performance may suffer due to insufficient memory. So, clearing the cache is always a good idea.

  1. Give The Voicemail Settings A Reset

Similar to the effects of restarting your Xfinity mobile, resetting the voicemail settings can also address the problems the feature may be experiencing.

There is always the chance that configuration issues may appear with some features – and the voicemail is no exception. So, go to the voicemail settings and give the feature a reset.

This can be done through the general settings, where you can locate the SIM card tab. From there you will be able to access the voicemail settings.

Xfinity mobile a restart after resetting the voicemail settings

Bear in mind that giving your Xfinity mobile a restart after resetting the voicemail settings should bring better effects.

Also, keep the voicemail credentials around as you will probably be prompted to insert them as you reconfigure the feature. Lastly, make sure the voicemail inbox is not overfilled with messages.

Just like the mobile itself, the storage space is not infinite, which means it may eventually overfill. So, if the voicemail inbox is too full, make sure to delete some of the messages.

  1. Check That Your SIM Card Is Working

Check That Your SIM Card Is Working

As with almost every other mobile service, the configuration of the internet, calls, and most other features, is done through the SIM card.

This means, if there is anything wrong with the SIM card or even the tray, some, or even all the features may be disabled. Therefore, ensure your SIM card and tray are working properly.

In case you notice any sort of damage to the SIM card connector, make sure to get a new one. Xfinity will be glad to keep your mobile number and provide you with a new SIM card. Make your way to one of their stores or simply contact customer support and explain the problem.

  1. Give Customer Support A Call

contact their customer support department

If you have already been through all the solutions on the list and the voicemail problem persists on your Xfinity Mobile, then your last resort will be to contact their customer support department.

They have professional specialists that are more than used to handling these sorts of problems. This means they will definitely know a few more easy tricks you can try in order to fix the problem.

Also, in case their suggestions are too hard for you to work through, they will be glad to stop by for a visit and do them for you. So, go ahead and give them a call to get some professional help.

The Last Word

voicemail problem with Xfinity Mobile services

Lastly, if you come across other easy solutions for the voicemail problem with Xfinity Mobile services, don’t keep them to yourself.

Share that extra knowledge with us through the comments box and save your fellow readers possible headaches and disappointment. Many others might be experiencing the same problem and could still be looking for a satisfactory solution.

Additionally, every piece of feedback helps us grow as a stronger and more united community. So, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out!

5 thoughts on “Xfinity Mobile Voicemail Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix”

  1. On my Samsung, the stock Voicemail app kept giving an error and said I need to call Xfinity Mobile to get it fixed. Called them and the people there don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue. I downloaded the Xfinity Voicemail app from the Play Store and in that app, there’s a setting to use the default voicemail app as the provider. That fixed it for me.

  2. From what I can find, Xfinity has no reliable fix for this. You can, however, work around it. The Voxist app from the Play Store (or works as a voicemail replacement. It uses the call forwarding feature to redirect declined or missed calls to Voxist. For Xfinity you use Verizon as the provider and select monthly plan to get the correct forwarding code. I just did this to fix my Mother’s voicemail issue with her new Xfinity phone. Visual voicemail is limited to 10 transcriptions per month for free but audio has no limit. Notifications work correctly and it provides an additional notification via email.

    Does anyone know the cause of this issue? When we got the new phone I did a test voicemail latter that day to show her how to listen to them and it worked. All I remember doing between when voicemail worked and when it stopped is I pulled the sim out to add a sd card and the phone was off when I did it. I did read where a possible fix is to have the sim card replaced. Is removing and reinserting the sim a possible cause?

    • Robert,

      Thank you! This saved me, I have a Samsung S22 and just switched to Xfinity. I hadn’t been ab le to get the voicemail to work on my phone ever since. This app got things working again. I really appreciate the advice.

  3. I have been using custom rom to help with landfill problem. Confirming Voxist is pretty cool. If you have an xfinitymobile phone though, it should be fine I would have thought. I have swapped out the sim from one of their android phones to an iphone and back and it worked on both. They are a big company so I figure if a rom was customized to get more life from, then they would not want you using it because of the security issues. In which case the Voxist app is great.

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