DirecTV App Won’t Connect To DVR: How To Fix?

directv app won't connect to dvr
directv app won’t connect to dvr

DirecTV is probably the most famous satellite TV service in the world nowadays. With the advent of the streaming service, the company made sure not to fall behind and began offering this new form of entertainment as well. 

As streaming went through updates, so did DirecTV, who launched an app that gives users an enhanced experience and other easy features that aid them in controlling the overall service. 

The DirectTV app allows users to watch live TV, shows, movies, documentaries, and even on-demand content.

With an archive of over 80,000 shows and movies on demand, users can access their DVR playlists and enjoy the previously recorded content through the app. 

The streaming feature is also there. This means users can watch any of their content on their mobiles, tablets, or whatever device they choose – the same way they do with the TV.

problems when app connect to dvr receiver Regarding the DVR feature of the app, however, there have been some complaints from the users’ side. As it goes, some of them have been experiencing problems when attempting to connect the app to the DVR receiver.

Moreover, when they seek help on the internet, they end up finding more misleading or incorrect information than actual aid. 

Therefore, we came up with a set of information that should help you address the problem and see it gone for good. 

How to Fix DirecTV App Won’t Connect to DVR?

The DirecTV app allows users to enjoy the content they record on different devices through the DVR service and store it in their receivers’ memory.

If you are not familiar with DVR, it stands for Digital Video Recorder and it does exactly what the name says. The device records the video that is being played on the TV for users to enjoy later on. 

With the new DVR technologies, users are also able to set the recorder to work at a specific time of the day. That comes in handy when your favourite show is showing during your working hours. 

Additionally, DVRs nowadays can also record shows or movies being shown on channels that are not even tuned in. 

DVR can record the movie being shown on another channel

That is to say, while you watch the news on your TV, the DVR can record the movie being shown on another channel.

It is really not an understatement to say that DVR devices are one of the best inventions when it comes to TV peripherals.

DirecTV offers users this service alongside several features related to it that can be accessed through the DirecTV app.

However, for the connection between the device and the DVR receiver to be properly established, users must ensure both are connected to the same wireless network.

Also, the router that is distributing the internet signal to both devices cannot change during the recording or streaming processes.

Since users have been experiencing difficulties with that matter, here are a few steps to cover in order to ensure the connection between the devices is properly established:

step to fix if using ipad

If You Are Using An iPad:

  • Locate and access the general settings and then the wi-fi tab.
  • Right next to the network option you will see a blue arrow. Click on it to see to which network your iPad is connected to.
  • Make sure the network your iPad is connected to is the same one as the DVR receiver and that should do it.

Alternatively, you can verify the IP address of your iPad as if it is the same as the router’s then the device should be connected to the same network.

And For The HD DVR?

  • Access the menu and then the ‘setup’ tab
  • On the next screen, go to ‘system setup and then click onInfo and Test’
  • Next, access the ‘More System Info’ option and there you will see the IP address assigned to the HD DVR receiver.

run the app on your ipad to connect dvr

Once all that is covered, run the app on your mobile, tablet, or whatever device you choose and select the ‘Browse For TV’ option to locate and connect to a DVR receiver. 

Once you click on the ‘Browse For TV’ option, select ‘Receiver’ on the next window and allow the app to search for DVR recorders that are also connected to the same network. 

Once you locate your DVR receiver on the list, click on it and the connection between the devices should be established. 

Nevertheless, some users have mentioned not being able to locate their DVR receivers on the list of available devices. According to DirecTV representatives, there are a number of reasons why that might happen. 

more things can try to fix dvr

However easy to solve, the issue that hinders the connection between the DVR receiver and the mobile device has been presenting itself more often. So, if you are still facing it, there are two more things you can try:

  • First, make sure your device is running its latest firmware version as some features will only work with the newest updates.
  • Lastly, give your DVR a reset and allow it to troubleshoot minor compatibility or configuration problems that may be preventing the connection from being properly established.

With those two extra moves, you should be able to properly set up the connection between the devices. That means you will get to enjoy all the content recorded with your DVR on your mobile device.

What Does DirecTV Offer Through The App?

As mentioned before, the DirecTV app has many features which deliver users an enhanced entertainment experience. 

man watch content on their laptop

The main idea is to allow users to enjoy the content they watch on their TVs on mobiles, tablets, laptops, or any other mobile device with an internet connection. 

However, there is more to it, so check out this list of features the DirecTV app brings. That should help you make up your mind, in case you need further reasons to get it.

  • Watch Now: Through this feature, users can access all the DirecTV content they are used to enjoying on their TVs. Upon accessing the feature, the device displays the last watched channel, which helps users keep track of their series episodes, for instance. Also, it prevents viewers from missing out on parts of movies, as the feed streamlines the same content that was last watched on TV. Additionally, users can browse the carousels for channels, movies, programs, and events.

man look at their library video

  • My Library: Through this feature, users can access the content they record using the DVR service that is offered by DirecTV. This means hours and hours of entertainment that can be stored and enjoyed whenever the user feels like it. This feature also allows users to bookmark shows, movies, or whatever content is in their libraries. This is definitely one of the most advanced features of the DirecTV app.

people open on-demand on the tv

  • On-Demand: The virtually infinite amount of content offered through the on-demand service is also there in the app. This means users get to enjoy an enormous catalogue of movies and shows whenever they wish to. Additionally, in order to facilitate access to the content, users can browse movies or shows per title or by the network. With such a huge range of content, this tool allows users to easily locate the content they wish to watch.
  • Guide: Through this feature, users can access the Live TV program guide. That means extra hours of entertainment users can enjoy on their mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. Also, by clicking or tapping on the heart next to the title of the movie or show, users can set them as a favourite. This means they get sent to a list where it gets easier for users to locate the shows or movies they want to watch later on. Additionally, the list of favourites may be sorted alphabetically or even numerically.

people with remote search content from dvr at tv

  • Search: Through this feature, users can easily locate content and enjoy it on their devices. The search parameters can be filtered to look for titles, channels, keywords, or even persons. This makes it that easy to find that show you have been looking forward to enjoying.

These are the main features that DirecTV offers through the app. The only perk is that the app has to be connected to the same wireless network as the DVR receiver for the recorded content to be accessible. 

However, since the content can be downloaded, it just takes a little more work before users can enjoy the DVR content on portable devices.

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  1. None of these instructions work — not even specifying a static IP address. I’ve had the exact same configuration for almost four (4) years. I suspect that AT&T messed something up with v. 5.23.003, which they released in October. As per usual, AT&T assumes that the issue resides with the customer’s network configuration. They never take any responsibility for their mistakes.

    And I just read that AT&T will be raising DirecTV prices in January 2021. I’ve had DirecTV for more than 20 years, but it just might be time to switch.

  2. “And I just read that AT&T will be raising DirecTV prices in January 2021. I’ve had DirecTV for more than 20 years, but it just might be time to switch.” +1

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