What Is Verizon Location Agent And What Does It Do?

What Is Verizon Location Agent
What Is Verizon Location Agent


Verizon Communications Inc. is one of the three largest corporations of the Baby Bell System. It is a multinational telecom conglomerate company of America, known for providing its services in many divisions including different business and media sectors. Verizon has always been the choice of people and a subsidiary of Verizon Communication, Verizon Wireless, is the second-largest telecommunication network after AT&T by revenue.

In the long run, Verizon Communications has proven to be a successful and most trusted networking company of all time for its customers. They have been successful in keeping the interest of their subscribers well entertained by updating their services.

Verizon is continuously upgrading its telecom game in new and better ways and providing modern high tech services to its customers from time to time in the form of applications or built-in services. These include My Verizon app, Verizon Cloud, Verizon Location Agent. Verizon Location Agent is one of the most recent services provided by the company.

What is Verizon Location Agent?

As the name indicates, it is a location tracking application provided by the Verizon Wireless that helps you track your Verizon mobile phones whenever you want. The ability to track a Verizon mobile phone is made possible by the help of several programs and Verizon Location Agent is one of them. Tracking a mobile phone is a sensitive matter. Phone’s location tracking can be considered as invading the privacy of the user so it should be done only by taking permission from the owner of the phone.

Tracking the mobile phone’s location without permission is unethical and restricted according to laws. Breaking these laws by tracing the phone’s location without permission may have some legal consequences. Verizon offers some built-in internal tracking options in their devices, but using the Verizon Location Agent is one of the safest options among many tracking and location-sharing applications.

Why Track Location of the Phone?

The tracking location of a phone is more common than you can think and the feature is very useful for people. One may even share his locations willingly for mapping routes. Locations are also traced to let someone know about your whereabouts.

Tracing the location of mobile phones also helps in case of theft or robbery. The law enforcement forces usually track the criminals by tracking their phone’s locations in many cases.

Tracking the location of your phone also helps to find your phone in case if you have lost the device somewhere you don’t remember. You can use a computer or a different phone that has permission to track your phone’s location. The potential uses of the tracking location of the phone are endless. Advanced pinpoint GPS service makes location tracking highly effective. Regardless of your reason to track a phone’s location, the Verizon network makes it possible in a few steps.

Choosing your method of tracking the device location is the first step. After you decide what method to use for tracking, you can quickly and easily get the tracking program, grant permissions, and operate the program for location-tracking.

What does Verizon Location Agent do?

Verizon used to offer a service called Family Locator. The program lets the family members track the locations of each other on the phones. The Family Locator service is now incorporated into a new program called the Smart Family Program. This new plan offers other services as well along with tracing the location of phones. The different location-related services offered by the Smart Family program are as under.

1. Location Tracking

The Smart Family program is only for the Verizon phones that are operating under the same plan. The program is specifically created to offer parental control to people so that they can monitor their children’s activities by using internet services. By using this feature of Verizon, you can keep up with the locations of your children and their mobile phones.

You can monitor the locations that your kids normally visit and also the routes that they take to reach their destinations. If your kid is out and about doing God knows what and you are wondering where they might be, just use your Verizon phone to track their locations.

2. Location Check-ins

The program also enables the children to send location check-ins to their parents when they have arrived at their destinations. Location check-in is sent in the form of a notification to the mobile phones of family members so that they can be aware of their kid’s location right on time.

With the help of this feature, knowing your kid’s whereabouts is just some taps and clicks away. It is very easy to check the location of your children with this efficient program. The Verizon Locating agent program is preinstalled on the phone if you are buying the product through a Verizon store.

3. Pick-Up Rides

Knowing the location of someone you are going to pick-up has never been easier. But with the help of this program, anyone can share his exact location. You can easily track the location of your family members whenever they are in need of pick-up service. Kids can easily request a ride and share their location details with both the rider as well as their family members.

How to disable the built-in service?

People have also faced some issues regarding the Verizon Location agent. It stops the cellular data or hangs the phone by continuously displaying a dialogue box asking for permission to access the device location. If you are also facing the same issue you can disable this feature as well.

  • To disable the service of the Verizon Location Agent app, go to Phone Setting -> App Manager.
  • Find a list of all apps installed and Search Verizon Location Agent.
  • Here you can easily find ‘Force stop’ and ‘Disable option’.

Select any one of them and the app will stop working. If your phone works well after stopping the service, leave it that way, if not, you can contact the customer service help center to solve the issue.

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