What Is Hum By Verizon and Its Distinguishing Features?

What Is Hum By Verizon
What Is Hum By Verizon

Technology has driven the world of electronic gadgets to the point that now you can talk to your vehicles. Many thanks to Hum by Verizon via the Google Assistant.

Hum by Verizon has launched Connected Car Solution with the help of the Google Assistant.

What Is Hum By Verizon

Hum by Verizon is a system that makes the car safer, smarter, and much more connected than it ever was. Remembering that Hum by Verizon is the first-ever 4G LTE connected Car Solution designed with the Google Assistant. Care to mention that it is America’s most reliable network.

What Is The System Design Of Hum By Verizon?

Hum by Verizon’s system is loaded with an ODB-II dongle, speaker or controller unit with the “Bluetooth enabled” clipping to the car’s sun visor, a charging cable (USB) for the speaker along with an adapter of the cigarette lighter, then finally a companion App designed for Android and iOS smartphones.

How Does Hum By Verizon Work?

The system of Verizon Hum has the following working features:

  • An onboard Diagnostics (OBD) reader who is involved in monitoring ups and downs with the vehicle’s health.
  • The feature of Bluetooth speaker enables the driver to have one-touch access for the roadside assistance and to seek emergency help. This feature secures your driving experience.
  • Hum by Verizon has got an App which ensures you the monitoring of the vehicle’s health. Moreover, it helps you collect alerts and updates from any place with the Android or iOS device, and you, and you are using.

What Is Data Transmission In Hum By Verizon?

The data transmission in the system of Verizon Hum takes place with the help of the Verizon Wireless Network, using Bluetooth for pairing it up the smartphone with the system to have called over hands-free.

How To Install Hum By Verizon?

Installing and using Verizon Hum App is easy; it; it follows simple steps:

  • Install the Hum App on your Smartphone.
  • Create your Hum account.
  • Plug the OBD Reader.
  • Now you have the HumX, attach the speaker to it, and start driving peacefully and stress-free.

What Are Its Distinguishing Features?

Hum by Verizon offers a variety of distinguishing features, all of them are categorized down there:

1. Safety Features:

Now driving with the sheer peace of mind is possible, only with the Hum by Verizon. Following are the safety features that Hum by Verizon offers:

Roadside Assistance Feature:

One can quickly assist by the current location sent their way, after they lose their track and unaware of where they are.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance Feature:

Hum facilitates authorities by finding the missing vehicles with the help of an agent who connects with the police to recover your lost or stolen car by using its ultimate real-time location feature.

Crash Response Feature:

Hum by Verizon has the potential to detect the crashes, and it sends emergency alerts your way as soon as the danger is detected.

Safety Score Feature:

Hum by Verizon keeps track of your driving habits, hence Safety Score feature constructed on your day to day driving habits, which gets calculated and then it analyzes a number which is considered as Safety Score events, for example; hard braking, high speeds, quick and speedy acceleration, and edged cornering.

2. Smart Features:

Hum by Verizon is thriving the technological world. You can have an impressive driving experience with the following smart features:

Vehicle Diagnostic Features:

You can have a quick and less time-consuming check on your vehicle with the Vehicle Diagnostic feature. Detect any possible issue before you leave and have a less hesitative drive.

Mechanics Hotline Feature:

Have a proper and unbiased answer to your concerned queries regarding your vehicle’s issues with the Mechanic Hotline feature.

Maintenance Reminders Feature:

Have self-reminders and alerts with the help of Hum Verizon Maintenance Reminders feature about oil changing, toning up, or tire rotation. Get Gmail reminders regarding taking your vehicle to the workshop.

Discounts Feature:

Hum Verizon is somehow economical with its Discounts Feature which enables you to save on food, auto services as well as shopping near you. with the Hum App, get access to numerous deals and discounts right through your fingerprints.

Driving History Feature:

Now having proper track of your car’s activity is easy with the Driving History feature on the Hum App. Have access to location history, vehicle data, miles traveled, detailed stats trip by trip, and a lot more.

3. Connectivity Features:

Hum by Verizon establishes excellent connectivity between you and your vehicle. Stay and feel much more connected to your car with the help of the following amazing features:

Google Assistant Feature:

All thanks to the Google Assistant feature, you can have a talk with your car via voice option. You are just a single push of a button away to catch up with your vehicle’s fuel reminders and vehicle maintenance reminders. With a single click, you can get answers to all of your queries from Google.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature:

With the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, you can turn your car into a Smartphone and can connect to more than ten devices via Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network. With this convenience, you and your family can have a soothing driving experience while surfing with games, live streaming, and other stuff.

Number-Share Feature:

With the Number-Share feature, you do not have to miss upcoming calls even you can make calls on your own via Hum Speaker feature, leaving your cellphone behind.

Speed and Boundary Alerting Feature:

It does not matter whoever is driving, and you can receive the alerts when your vehicle exceeds your timed and already set speed limit, especially when your vehicle crosses your usual boundaries.

Vehicle Location Feature:

With the vehicle locating feature, it is easy for you to look up the location of your car, whether it is parked or is on the run. You can access the location of your Hum-outfitted vehicles within real-time.

Data Sharing Feature:

With the data sharing feature, it is unbelievably easy to share relatable information like vehicle data, reminders, locations, alerts, etc. amongst all the family members regardless of them having Hum App installed.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hum By Verizon?


  • System of Hum by Verizon is quite easy to set up, install, and function.
  • Hum by Verizon’s App has got quite an intuitive interface.
  • Automatic reminders regarding maintenance keep you stress-free.


  • Hum by Verizon App has crucial features according to its cellular coverage.
  • Unfortunately, the service is pretty pricey.

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