What is Difference Between Verizon And Verizon Authorized Retailer?

what is difference between verizon and verizon authorized retailer
what is difference between verizon and verizon authorized retailer

Verizon Wireless is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the United States providing various kinds of wireless services and related products to the people. It is actually a subsidiary owned by none other than the Verizon Communications.

Currently, it has hundreds of thousands of corporate as well as authorized retailing stores providing Verizon Wireless services to approximately 154 million subscribers. But what is the difference between Verizon and Verizon authorized retailer? Are both the same kind of stores? They sure work similarly but no they’re different. Read on to know more about the difference between a corporate and a retail store.

Verizon Corporate Stores

The corporate stores are basically owned by the Verizon company itself. Therefore, the company gets to have the benefit of retaining its ownership over these stores. All the Verizon Corporate Stores work specifically for the parent company, Verizon Wireless.

The company gets to keep full ownership of these Verizon stores and makes sure that everything is done by the stores exactly as Verizon intends. Verizon controls the stores and monitors all its staff activities under its name. It solely takes responsibility if anything happens within a corporate store.

Verizon Authorized Retailers

Verizon Wireless also has a number of authorized retailers. The retail stores work in cooperation with the Verizon company so that both parties can get mutual benefits. The retailers get to earn a handsome amount of commission, co-accruals as well as maintenance fees of accounts every time a customer opts to use Verizon Wireless Telecommunication services.

On the activation of customers on one of the many calling plans of Verizon Wireless, depends the number of commission benefits according to their agency agreements.

Verizon’s Authority Over Retailers

The Verizon Authorized Retailers are usually free of the ownership tag of Verizon Wireless yet there are some authorities which the company enjoys over authorized retailers after cooperation. The company gets to handle all the billing procedures, collection of the actual fee amounts, and check the customer service activations with the help of authorized retailers.

All the Verizon Authorized retailers must identify themselves promptly as Retailers of Verizon Wireless Company by using a banner or something. They can use the official Verizon Wireless trademarks only with respect to their agency agreements.

What is Difference Between Verizon And Verizon Authorized Retailer

The major difference between Verizon Corporate stores and Verizon Authorized Retailers is that the corporate store is owned by Verizon whereas the Retail Store is only Authorized by the Verizon Wireless Company.

However, both the kind of stores look similar from the outside. If you’re a common user looking for a franchise or store to buy Verizon Wireless service plans, you’ll probably never know that the local store in your area is an authorized retailer or company-owned. Unless you go to the official Verizon Wireless web page and check out their map of the corporate and authorized retailer, containing details of their exact location and the total count of service providers, you wouldn’t know a thing.

Importance Of Verizon Corporate Store

All the Verizon Corporate Stores have their own benefits for the users. The equipment you buy from a corporate store can easily be exchanged from the same store but not with the retail store. Plus the extra benefits besides buying the product such as extended warranty duration or refund policy or any other available bonus offer are usually offered by the actual Verizon Corporate store only.

Furthermore, the corporate store is bound to transfer all your information including your data files or contact list to the Verizon Company to be saved there in case you buy a new device so the data is transferred to it from your old device.

Importance Of Verizon Authorized Retailer

The Verizon Authorized Retailers most importantly provides more common checkpoints to get Verizon Wireless services and products. They come with their own set of facilities and insurance policies that might not be available at corporate stores. Moreover, financing is less of an issue for authorized stores as compared to corporate stores.


You can find out about what’s the difference between Verizon and Verizon authorized stores if you visit their official website. There is a store mao also that you can look into to find respective store locations.

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