6 Ways To Fix Vizio TV Rebooting Loop

vizio tv rebooting loop
vizio tv rebooting loop

Being an internet-connected, storage-aware computer specialised for entertainment, Vizio Smart TVs deliver a number of features. This ensures customers have outstanding image and sound quality while enjoying their streaming sessions.

Through an almost infinite range of apps available on these TVs, users can get pretty much any kind of service they want on their smart TVs nowadays.

However, not even a device with the high quality of a Vizio Smart TV is free from issues. As it has been reported, the most common are related to the TV’s power system, image source components, and internet connection.

Should you find yourself experiencing issues with your Vizio Smart TV, bear with us as we walk you through the information you need to understand what is going on. With that, we will also show you how to repair a number of possible issues your Smart TV might be undergoing.

How To Fix Vizio TV Rebooting Loop

According to most of the reports regarding the rebooting loop issue, the source of the problem seems to be related to the electric system. So, most of the time, the solution lies in repairing of one of the power components.

However, the rebooting loop issue happens due to issues other than the malfunctioning of the power system too.

Users have also reported their Vizio Smart TVs either not turning on, or turning on but displaying a black screen, as well as a whole host of other problems that are not related to the power system.

So, should you experience the rebooting loop issue, check the following steps as they can help you fix the problem and get back to enjoying all the outstanding features a Smart TV such as a Vizio can offer.

1. Give Your Smart TV A Reset

Give Your Smart TV A Reset

First things first, this easy fix might get your Vizio Smart TV working as it should by simply giving it a reset. It turns out that, sometimes, changes made to the device’s configuration can lead the TV to experience problems such as the rebooting loop issue.

Thankfully, the resetting procedure is able to address that aspect and get the problem out of the way.

Not only will the procedure troubleshoot the configuration and compatibility issues, but it will also clear the cache from unnecessary temporary files that might be overfilling the cache and causing the system to run slower.

So, go ahead and give your Vizio Smart TV a reset. Forget about going through the system settings and simply press and hold down the power button for at least 40 seconds. Then, let it go and give the TV a few minutes to perform all the diagnostics and run the necessary protocols.

Bear in mind that, before pressing and holding down the power button, you should unplug all devices connected to the Smart TV for a more effective reset. Once the Smart TV successfully completes the resetting procedure, you can plug the peripheral devices back in.

You can take care of this as the device system prompts you to perform the initial configuration once more. Keep the login details for your favourite apps around to save yourself some time and trouble.

2. Make Sure The Voltage Supply Is Stable

Make Sure The Voltage Supply Is Stable

Secondly, the voltage supply of the Vizio Smart TV can also be one of the causes of the rebooting loop issue. So, make sure to have that checked as well.

A faulty or fluctuating current will most likely cause the device to keep switching off and on, as the amount of current sent into the Smart TV may be enough to power it on, but not enough to make all its features work.

One of the most efficient ways to test the voltage of a cable is by using a voltmeter. Should you not have one, make your way to the nearest hardware shop and get yourself one. This is an incredibly versatile tool that allows users to check if the proper amount of voltage is being sent into their electronic devices.

Additionally, the voltmeter can identify the poor performance of cables and connectors, which means a replacement of these components may be necessary in the near future.

In the event you do notice a faulty or fluctuating current, make sure to call an expert to get it fixed. They know their way around power systems and will definitely be able to tell you which components need replacing.

3. Make Sure The Adapter Is In Good Condition

Make Sure The Adapter Is In Good Condition

Thirdly, an adapter can also be one of the components that might cause the rebooting loop issue with your Vizio Smart TV, as it is also a part of the power system that directly affects the electricity intake of the device.

In the event you suspect the adapter is performing poorly, make sure to try a different one, as there is also the chance nothing is wrong with the adapter, but with the power outlet it is plugged into.

It is extremely important to keep cables, connectors, and also adapters in optimal condition, as these can directly affect the core features of the Vizio Smart TV. A faulty power system can also permanently damage the equipment.

If you do not feel confident enough to get the adapter replaced on your own, simply contact Vizio TV customer support and they will have a new one sent to your place in no time. They can even send out a professional to replace the component for you.

4. Check All Cables And Connectors

Check All Cables And Connectors

Since the issue has been reported to have its source within the electrical system of the device, the condition of your cables and connectors plays a key role here.

Frays, bends, poor voltage, and many other factors can influence the performance of the power supply. This, in its turn, will end up affecting the overall performance of the Smart TV.

So, make sure to inspect not only the cables, but also the connectors for any signs of damage. In the event you find something that doesn’t look right, have the component replaced. Repaired cables rarely deliver the same quality of transmission as new ones, and they only add up to a tiny fraction of the total cost of a Smart TV system.

Therefore, make sure to replace the damaged cables or connectors for good quality ones, as those will most likely last longer and help the Smart TV deliver a better overall performance.

5. Disable The CEC Feature

Disable The CEC Feature

As with many other Smart TVs on the market nowadays, Vizio also carries a CEC feature. For those who are not so acquainted with the tech lingo here, CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control.

This is just a function that allows other electronic devices connected to the Smart TV to switch it on when they are switched on.

This is fairly practical, considering only one device has to be commanded to turn on. CEC features are commonly associated with videogames and cable boxes, even though there are a variety of electronic devices with that feature on the market nowadays.

Disabling the CEC feature might solve the issue, as the peripheral electronic devices will no longer be able to switch your Vizio Smart TV on whenever they are given the command to do so. In order to turn off the function, go to the menu and look for CEC, then slide the bar to disable the feature.

We strongly recommend you give your Smart TV a simple reset afterwards, as a way to ensure the new configuration is applied.

6. Give Customer Support A Call

Give Customer Support A Call

In the event you attempt all the fixes above and still experience the rebooting loop issue with your Vizio Smart TV, you might want to consider contacting customer support. Their highly trained professionals will definitely know how to help you get rid of this issue.

Since they are used to dealing with all sorts of issues, there is a good chance they have a few extra tricks up their sleeves that you can attempt on your own.

Moreover, should you feel like the suggested fixes are above your tech abilities, simply schedule a technical visit and have the professionals deal with the problem on your behalf.

On a final note, should you come across other ways of fixing the rebooting loop issue with Vizio Smart TVs, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section explaining the steps you took to solve the issue and help your fellow readers out.

By doing so, you will be helping us build a stronger community and potentially saving some headaches further down the line.

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