How To Reset Vizio SmartCast TV Without Remote?

how to reset vizio smartcast tv without remote
how to reset vizio smartcast tv without remote

Having devices like television and computer systems along with an internet connection has now become necessary for most people. While these come with tons of features and can be amazing to use. You should note that it is also important that you properly keep your devices maintained.

Additionally, understanding how these works will help you in troubleshooting them. Both of these allow people to avoid most problems with their devices. Alternatively, in case they do get an issue. It can be quite easy for them to fix these as soon as possible.

Vizio SmartCast

When it comes to purchasing televisions, there are numerous companies that you can go for. Although, one of the best ones is Vizio. The brand manufactures both soundbars as well as televisions for its users. Additionally, these devices are equipped with tons of features to help their users out. One of the best ones among these is SmartCast. The feature is extremely easy to use and allows people to cast the applications they are using directly to their television.

You can then watch movies and shows on your device while you control the program from your mobile phone or tablet. However, the applications that support this feature are limited at the time. Considering this, if you want to use SmartCast then you will first have to check if the application supports it as well as confirm that your television has this service. Most Vizio televisions that have SmartCast are Smart TVs that can allow people to use internet connections on their devices.

How to Reset Vizio SmartCast TV Without Remote

SmartCast TVs from Vizio are known for having tons of features. However, this is exactly why it is almost necessary that you have a working remote with you. This will help you in browsing through the settings and accessing all the features on your device. Although, if your TV starts running into some problems. Then one of the best troubleshooting steps is to reset the device. This will remove all the settings stored on it along with passwords and usernames.

This will also remove most problems that were on the television resulting in your error being fixed.  However, when it comes to resetting the TV, the easiest method is from the remote. If you do not have this with you, then you might wonder if it is still possible to reset your Vizio TV. The shortest answer for this is yes. But you have to follow some steps that will ensure that your reset is completed without any errors.

The first thing that you have to do is to hold down both the input and volume buttons on your TV. After some time, you will be asked for a confirmation of the reset through a popup. You can now let go of the volume buttons only and then wait again. After a few seconds, your device should start to reset. You can now wait for the procedure to complete patiently. Trying to click on further buttons might cancel this which is why it is better that you do not touch these.

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