Verizon FiOS Box Keeps Rebooting? Do These 5 Self-Checks Now

verizon fios box keeps rebooting
verizon fios box keeps rebooting

We come across different technical devices daily and with every piece of hardware, most of us face a rather annoying situation where it reboots itself endlessly. Sometimes it is hard for the device to exit the reboot loop which disrupts the usual working of the device. Similarly, many Verizon customers are facing this “boot loop” issue with their Verizon Fios box and have been complaining at several forums online to seek a solution. So, to keep the Fios box running smoothly, this article will walk you through all of the troubleshooting steps. If you and your device are experiencing a similar problem, you should understand why your Verizon Fios box keeps rebooting.

Verizon Fios Box Keeps Rebooting

The Verizon Fios box is said to be in a constant state of “boot loop” when it is unable to exit its state of rebooting, which means that the device turns on and off repeatedly and cannot get out of this loop. To solve this issue you need to diagnose the main problem and perform the troubleshooting steps accordingly. The following is a list of possible erratically causes your device to behave.

1. Overheating Issues

Because of continuous usage, your device frequently reboots itself. If you use your Fios box continuously, you should give it a few minutes to rest. Unnecessary heat can cause your device to overheat and malfunction, compromising its overall performance. So, after a few hours of use, make sure to turn off your device and let it rest for 3-4 minutes so it can perform efficiently.

2. Manually Reboot The Fios Box

If your Fios box is rebooting itself and cannot get through the boot loop, manually reboot your device. Disconnect your Verizon Fios box from any power source and wait for 15 seconds before connecting it again. This will allow your device to escape the boot loop.

3. Firmware Updates

Your Fios box reboots itself to ensure a complete installation of the firmware software. Interrupted firmware updates can also cause your device to reboot continuously. Therefore to push the firmware updates, reset your Fios box for better performance.

4. Faulty Cables And Position Of Fios Box

If you use Fios services, you may be aware that Fios boxes may not function accurately if they are not properly positioned. It is possible that the Fios box is not receiving proper signals due to its incorrect positioning. Furthermore, faulty cables and a faulty power supply can cause your Fios box to reboot incessantly. So, try to relocate your Fios box and replace any faulty cables.

5. Disable Home Automation

Home automation may disrupt the usual performance of your Fios box. This is because it helps you control various electronic devices throughout your home which can potentially interfere with your Fios box. So, to solve this issue get a home automation solution that does not interfere with your Fios box or try to get rid of the home automation devices.

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