6 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Not Receiving Verification Texts

T-Mobile Not Receiving Verification Texts
T-Mobile Not Receiving Verification Texts

Though T-Mobile are generally a really reliable network to be with, there have been a few complaints on the boards and forums recently that would suggest that more than a few of you aren’t receiving verification messages. 

This can be quite annoying, as they do serve a useful purpose. They are in place as a way to make sure that your messages are safe. 

So, seeing as you do actually need them, we have decided to put together this little guide to help you get your service back up and running again. Luckily, T-Mobile Not Receiving Verification Texts, these types of problems are generally not all that hard to fix. As a result, we would expect that nearly all of you will get the result you are looking for here. 

Not Receiving Verification Texts on T-Mobile: Troubleshooting

1. Restart


Though this may sound way too simple to ever be effective, the opposite is more often than not the case. Sure, it is a really easy thing to do, but it also solves a whole range of problems. 

For example, if there are any minor bugs that have built up, this will get rid of them for you and improve the overall performance of your device. So, before moving on, give this a try and see does it work. 

2. Try toggling on and off Airplane Mode

Try toggling on and off Airplane Mode

If the first step didn’t do anything, we have an equally as easy trick for you to try here. Though it sounds a small bit silly, toggling airplane mode on and off a couple times can actually prevent signal interruptions. So, try this first and then check for any improvement. 

If nothing has happened, it is also worth trying switching on airplane mode and leaving it on for a while. After a few minutes have elapsed, simply switch it off again and you should be able to receive verification texts from here on out. If not, it is time to move on to the next tip. 

3. You may have a Blocking Feature switched on

The most likely reason that you are not getting these vital messages is that you are actively blocking them. This can even be the case if you were unaware that you had set up such a thing! 

The blocking feature is one that is pretty easy to adjust, whether on purpose or not. But, the easiest way to get anything done about this is to simply all up T-Mobile and ask them to switch the feature off on your line. 

In case you haven’t used the blocking feature before, there are actually a good few practical uses for it. For example, it can be set up in such a way that you won’t get messages from numbers with certain prefixes. 

In this way, if you notice that you are getting a lot of spam from these kinds of numbers, you can just block them to stop it. However, if it is the case that you didn’t have this feature switched on and are still not getting verification messages, we will still need to continue and get this problem fixed. Onto the next step!

4. Check your plan

Check your plan

Believe it or not, the type of plan that you have chosen can have some pretty dramatic effects on the types of messages you can and can’t receive. On the T-Mobile network, it is entirely possible that the cheaper plans will not allow you to receive these verification messages. 

Unfortunately though, this isn’t the type of thing that you can figure out by yourself. Instead, we would recommend that you call T-Mobiles customer support to ask them whether your current plan will allow you to receive these messages. 

5. Issues with the Activation and Registration process

This tip will only really apply to new customers of T-Mobile. So, if you are not in this demographic, feel free to skip this tip entirely and move onto the next. Sometimes, when new users are signing up with T-Mobile, it can happen that they will enter a detail ever so slightly wrong. 

When this happens, all sorts of things can end up happening – such as a problem receiving verification texts, for one. To combat this, we would recommend that you go back and check your details, making sure that everything is in order. 

As a final suggestion on this one, if you have recently changed your number as an existing T-Mobile customer, it is definitely worth calling up customer support and asking them to update your details. 

The reason we are saying this is that, if they haven’t done this already, all of your verification texts may still be getting sent to your old number. 

6. A tip for holders of older T-Mobile accounts

A tip for holders of older T-Mobile accounts

One last thing comes to mind that could be causing you all of this hassle. If you have been with T-Mobile for a long time now and are just recently noticing this problem, there is a chance that the phone that you are using could have been configured to block these messages. 

Again, there isn’t all that much that can be done about it on your end. Instead, you will have to get in touch with customer support to get them to reverse the block. This will also take them a day to complete. 

The Last Word

If nothing above has worked for you here, we would be very surprised. In the vast majority of cases, this issue is relatively easy to get to the bottom of. So, our assumption would be that the problem is on the end of T-Mobile and nothing to do with your phone. 

Really, the only thing that we can recommend from here is to submit a ticket to T-Mobile so that they can examine it closely and figure out what exactly is happening. 

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  1. This has been a nightmare for me. I got a new pro max 13 and everything they transferred from my old phone will not work . I can’t get messages sms text messages my apps won’t work its just been a joke took the phone back to T-Mobile and they were so rude they didn’t do anything but tell me to go get it fixed when I hadn’t had the phone but days. I would love to give the phone back and go else where.

  2. Had my iPhone 13 pro for a couple of months. My simcard stopped working. Trying to get a new simcard activated on my phone has been a long complicated and still not fixed issue. Been over a week and every tech and mobile expert from T-Mobile had not been able to get the new sim activated. Ridiculous.

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