T-Mobile Digits Not Receiving Texts: 6 Ways To Fix

t mobile digits not receiving texts
t mobile digits not receiving texts

T-Mobile has been around for quite some time now but they keep rolling out new features and services to help out the customers. They have a DIGITS app that uses one contact number across various devices. However, T-Mobile DIGITS not receiving texts is a common complaint but we are sharing the solutions with you. So, are you ready to check out the solutions, then?

T-Mobile Digits Not Receiving Texts

1) E911 Address

First of all, if your DIGITS app is not receiving texts, you must set up the E911 address because it’s important for DIGITS to work properly. You can set up the E911 address by following the steps mentioned below;

  • Log into your T-Mobile account and open the profile
  • Choose a specific line from the drop-down, “select line”
  • Tap on the line settings and then E911 settings
  • Now, add your new E911 address and then save the settings

2) MDS

If you’ve tweaked the E911 address but still not receiving texts, you have to enable the MDS settings (multiple device service). It is better to call T-Mobile customer support and ask them the instructions for switching on the MDS settings. They are likely to set up MDS for you from their end.

3) Signals

If you have already enabled these settings on your T-Mobile DIGITS account but still aren’t able to receive the message, there are chances of signal issues. For instance, you have to check the signal bar on your device and see if the signal bars are two or fewer. In any such case, you have to move to a better location because it optimized the signal reception. As a result, you will receive reliable service and the text transmission will be optimized.

4) Reboot DIGITS Line

If the signals are already optimal, you have to reboot the DIGITS line. With the app, you just need to open in-app settings and open the cloud and accounts option. The second step is to choose the multi-line settings and tap on DIGITS. Yan can toggle it for rebooting the line. On the other hand, if your device has built-in DIGITS, you can open the device support. From the device support, choose the device and follow the on-screen prompts that are suggested below the apps and data option.

5) Reboot The Phone Number

When the DIGITS line issue is concerned and rebooting the line doesn’t work, the best option is to reboot the phone number. For this purpose, you have to remove the SIM card from the main device and insert it again after a few seconds. This will help reboot the phone number and will help receive reliable services (yes, you will start receiving the texts).

6) Re-Login

The last option is to re-login to your T-Mobile app by using the T-Mobile ID. For this purpose, you have to open the app and log out of the profile. When you are logged out, reboot your device. Once the device is switched on again, you need to log into the T-Mobile ID again and it is likely to fix the text issue.

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