Optimum Call Blocking Feature Explained

optimum call blocking
optimum call blocking

Optimum is one of the most used networks out there, catering to the internet and cable needs of the users. Also, Optimum offers phone services. Well, if you have a mobile phone, we are pretty sure that all of you have received those annoying unknown calls. With this being said, if you are receiving such calls, it is suggested that you opt for Optimum call blocking features. In this article, we are sharing everything you can do to get rid of such calls!

Optimum Call Blocking

Anonymous Call Rejection

Whenever you log in to the Optimum user account on the website, you can get rid of those annoying calls. For that, you need to open the call blocking tab and follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Once you have opened the call blocking tab on the Optimum website
  • Open the block unwanted calls
  • Select the anonymous calls
  • You will see the caller IDs of people who have been calling, so you can block them

With this feature, the anonymous caller will receive the notification that you are not accepting the private calls. This way, they will need to switch off their anonymous caller ID.

Code Dialing

If you cannot follow the website functions or use the anonymous call rejection feature, you can dial *77 to switch on anonymous call rejection. On the other hand, if you want to disable the anonymous call feature, just dial *87.

Blocking The Robocalls

For the users who have been struggling with the robocalls and telemarketing calls, Optimum has designed the Nomorobo feature. This feature is available for voice customers. It has been designed as the independent and free call blocking service through which all such calls can be avoided. Nomorobo will be pinged about the calls through the Find Me app for incoming calls.

It will identify the calls from known and outlined answers and robocalls. Even more, there are chances that your phone will make one ring, notifying that Nomorobo has stopped the call. The best thing about this feature is that all other calls will be received normally. This feature can be easily set up. The best part of Nomorobo is that feature has easier control.

Optimum offers all-time protection, and on a daily basis, it helps contain more than 900,000 robocalls in one day. To sign up for the Nomorobo feature, you can follow the below-mentioned steps, such as;

  • Go to the official Nomorobo app
  • Click on Get Started Now option
  • You will be directed to a new page from where you can choose the landline carrier
  • Choose Optimum from the list
  • Enter the valid email address, and you will sign up for the Nomorobo feature (the email address you enter is used for verification and management of the account)
  • Hit on the next button
  • You will receive the verification link at the provided email address and open the link
  • Enter your name; first name as well as the last name
  • Now, set the new password and confirm it
  • Click on the sign-up button (it is better that you read the terms of service and privacy policy before signing up)

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