4 Methods To Solve Orbi App Says Device Is Offline

orbi app says device is offline
orbi app says device is offline

If you have been a Netgear user for a long time, we are sure you’ve already heard about the Orbi app as it allows the users to monitor and control the home Wi-Fi system from anywhere. In addition, the users can opt for Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa voice commands for network management as there is a new remote management feature available. However, if you open the app and it says that the device is offline, it means that the router is not working. So, let’s see what can be done about this error!

Fixing Orbi App Says Device Is Offline:

  1. Power Supply

To begin with, you have to check if the satellite, router, and modem connected to the Orbi system are turned on. That’s because the power supply is the primary yet undermined issue. In some cases, the satellite and other network devices don’t get sufficient power to remain on (the power level fluctuates, which shows the offline devices). For this reason, you’ve to check the power LED on the devices and make sure they are solid green. However, if the light is not turned, you’ve to connect the power cords to the power supply and make sure they aren’t damaged either.

  1. Reboot

If there are no apparent power issues and offline device error is still there, we recommend that you reboot the network equipment. That’s because there could be some technical errors that are running in the Orbi satellite. Having said that, we recommend that you disconnect the power cord from the satellite, wait for a few minutes, and reconnect it. Once the satellite turns on, you should reboot the modem as well as the router because it helps refresh the entire connection.

  1. Power Cycling The Orbi System

In case rebooting the satellite, modem, and the router doesn’t work, we recommend that you power cycle your Orbi system. For this purpose, you’ve to disconnect the devices from the Orbi network and turn off the power adapter, router, and satellite. Then, give the devices a few minutes and connect the power adapter to the satellite and turn it on. Once the devices turn on, open the Orbi app and it will be online.

  1. Orbi Mode

If the Orbi satellite has become offline suddenly, there are chances that the satellite is set in the extender mode, which restricts access to the satellite through the Orbi app. To resolve this issue, we recommend that you put your Orbi satellite in the Orbi mode. For this purpose, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Disconnect the satellite from the power connection
  • Press and hold the satellite’s sync button
  • Now, reconnect the satellite’s power cord and let the LED indicators glow in pulsing blue and white colors

Once the light becomes white, it indicates that the satellite is now in Orbi mode and you will be able to see the “online” status in the app.

The Bottom Line

The four solutions mentioned in this article will help resolve the offline device issue. However, if you still have some issues, you must reach out to Orbi’s technical support team.

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