5 Quick Fixes For Starlink Offline Booting

starlink offline booting
starlink offline booting

Starlink is a recommended choice for people who need a reliable satellite internet connection. It is integrated with its own router that helps users connect their wireless devices to the internet. However, if you connect your router to the receiver but it’s offline and is stuck in the booting stage, there are various factors that need to be considered. For this reason, we have added the potential reasons as well as the solutions that can help!

Fixing Starlink Offline Booting:

  1. Wireless Interference

The satellite and other wireless connections are amazing but they depend on electromagnetic waves to establish a connection. However, these waves are prone to interference, which leads to connectivity issues. Having said that, any device that has wireless signals will interfere with the connection, such as wireless speakers, Blu-Ray players, microwaves, and cordless phones.

For this reason, we recommend that you take away the wireless devices connected around the Starlink router to prevent interference with the electromagnetic waves. Once all the wireless devices are taken away, the wireless interference will be eliminated and the booting stage will be completed, so you can connect to the internet.

  1. Hardware

If removing the wireless interferences hasn’t resolved your issue, it’s likely that bad hardware is causing the stuck booting phase. Some of the hardware that you need to check includes the router, modem cords, and receivers. To begin with, check all the cables to ensure that they are intact and aren’t damaged or bent – the damaged cables must be replaced instantly.

On the other hand, if you’ve to check the receiver, router, and modem, you’ve to use a multimeter to determine the continuity. In case these devices don’t have any continuity, you need to hire an electrician to get the internal components inspected and repaired. On the other hand, if a repair isn’t possible, you should replace the broken hardware.

  1. Bandwidth

In case there is nothing wrong with the Starlink hardware, bandwidth saturation can be another reason why the network is offline or is stuck in the booting stage. Bandwidth saturation is defined as the phenomenon when network usage surpasses the available bandwidth, resulting in internet performance issues. In that case, you’ve to call Starlink customer support to purchase more bandwidth and don’t forget to limit the bandwidth usage to prevent his issue.

  1. Peak Hours

The Starlink connection tends to create issues during peak hours, especially if you are using the RV connection. To illustrate, the RV connections already have a limited internet speed of 25Mbps and it drops to 8Mbps during peak hours. That being said, if you are struggling with this issue between 5 PM and 10 PM, just wait out this period and the internet connection will be improved considerably.

  1. Reset

If nothing has worked out and the router is still stuck in the booting phase, the only solution is to reset the router. For this purpose, you must locate the reset button and press it for ten seconds to make sure it’s reset to factory default settings. Once done, you have to set up the router to create an active connection.

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