Sony TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 5 Fixes

Sony TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi
Sony TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi

At this point, Sony really don’t need all that much of an introduction. After all, they have been one of the leading companies on the electronic devices market for a long time now. They produce all sorts of devices and gadgets and are one of the biggest names when it comes to TVs.

This is because they offer a lot of different models of smart TVs that have all the latest features. To operate smart TVs and use them to connect to streaming platforms or browse the internet, it’s necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection.

That is why it can be a real hassle if your Sony TV keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. But don’t worry, we are here to help with that!

Sony TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

Below are a few fixes we have found that have a track record of resolving the issue. None of them are too difficult to be done from the comfort of your own home. They don’t require you to be an expert, by any means.

You won’t have to do anything that could risk damaging your equipment or that will have you taking things apart. So, with that having been said, let’s get started on our first fix!

1. Is the signal weak?

Is the signal weak

It’s possible that the source of your troubles is your Wi-Fi signal strength. It’s important to have a strong Wi-Fi signal for your Sony TV to have a consistent connection. So, if your TV keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi it’s highly likely that your internet signal is not strong enough to keep it running.

The first thing you can do to try to improve your signal strength is to reboot your Wi-Fi router. To do so, you can either unplug your router or just switch it off by pressing the power button.

Make sure that the router stays turned off for around five to ten minutes. After that, just turn the router back on and wait for a couple of minutes for it to establish a connection.

The second this you can do, if the reboot didn’t work, is to place the router somewhere closer to your TV. It’s possible that your internet signal is weak because the TV and the router are simply too far apart. So, placing them closer to each other will surely strengthen the signal dramatically.

When choosing where to place the router, the best place to put it is in a central location in your house. It’s also very important to position it in a well-ventilated area to make sure that it doesn’t overheat at any point, ruining its performance. The key is to go for somewhere that ensures the signal reaches all parts of your house.

2. Distance

Like we said, your TV and router being too far apart can lead to the disconnection issues you’ve been facing. But similar issues can occur if there isn’t enough distance between the two devices.

So, you’ll need to make sure there is at least a three-feet distance between your Sony TV and your router. This is the ideal distance for optimal Wi-Fi signal streaming.

3. Maybe your network is just too crowded

Maybe your network is just too crowded

As we already mentioned, a strong Wi-Fi signal is necessary for your TV to work properly. However, if your Wi-Fi network is too crowded it can weaken your signal, which leads to disconnection problems. It can also cause your connection to be inconsistent, leading to total dropouts in the signal.
Your Wi-Fi network can also be slowed down if someone is using the same network to download large files or to stream HD content. If that’s the case, your connection will return to normal once these activities end.

You can also switch to another Wi-Fi network if there are any available, just make sure that it’s not too crowded. Alternatively, you can take steps to reduce the number of devices using the same internet connection at the same time.

4. Try rebooting the TV

Try rebooting the TV

If these previous methods didn’t work for you, it’s possible that there are some configuration issues with your Wi-Fi network. But before you proceed with resetting the router, it might be a better idea to reboot your TV first. This stans a reasonably good chance of fixing your connection issues.

In order to reboot your Sony TV, you’ll have to unplug the power cable and all the other cables as well. Once you’ve done that, wait for about five minutes before you plug the cables back in. Try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network once your TV turns back on.

5. Try resetting your router

If you’ve tried all these methods and none of them worked, then there is no other available solution but to reset your Wi-Fi router. However, you need to be aware that by doing this all of your internet settings will be deleted. But that also means that your configuration errors will be gone. It’s a bit of a trade-off situation.

To reset your Wi-Fi router, simply press the reset button on the router. Then, once it’s done, you will then need reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings. After that just reconnect your Sony TV to the Wi-Fi and hopefully your connection issues will be gone.

25 thoughts on “Sony TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 5 Fixes”

  1. My sony tv is unbearable to watch. It disconnects at least 8 times in one hour and half film. Making our watching a film 2 and a half hours with extreme stress. It is disgraceful performance. Had no trouble at all with LG. I think the sony is going in the bin.

      • True. Wi-Fi keeps dropping, unable to locate any Wi-Fi. When it does work, should be able to at least see the neighbors but nope. Garbage TV’s now

      • It makes absolutely no sense that in this certain room in my home my Sony bravia TV & my laptop both use the same network yet the Sony TV is the only one that disconnects & has trouble. So infuriating!

    • I’m having the same problem, I have to restart the tv each time by holding down the power button, then it connects again (shouldn’t have to each time tho)
      Got tricked into buying Sony by
      jbhi fi salesman and I regret it so much. Samsung from now on.

      • Same here. Every time we turn it on we have to restart and then it’s fine until the next time. I thought maybe it was a combo of setting on the tv that has it timing out after being idle for so long but no luck so far. We have the eero pro 6 Wi-Fi mesh routers set up, wondering if there is a commonality there for anyone with the same issue and if it could be a router setting?

  2. Have experienced the same issue with my new Sony 65” oled. Every 2-7 days, it loses connection, and I have to unplug the tv, wait a min, and plug back in. It then connects to internet for 2-7 more days before I have to repeat. Have contacted Sony 3x, and each time a tech claims to have fixed it.

    What a joke, Sony! Fortunately, Amazon refunded my purchase price. LG, here I come!!!

  3. I have the same issue as Jason with my Sony A80J 65”… Every 2 – 7 days I have to unplug my tv to let it soft reset to connect back to Wi-Fi.

    I’m a have to connect the power cable to a dedicated Wi-Fi power plug so I can reset it without the hassle…

  4. Our Sony constantly loses wifi connection and is so annoying. It’s not that old but it’s gonna get replaced because of this.

  5. Any feedback on issues with the SONY Android TV itself? It keeps disconnecting from the WiFi and the WiFi has no issues. If I unplug the SONY TV from the wall and plug it back, it works normally, until it happens again. Just keeps happening and before I return this TV, would like to know if there’s a fix for this nuisance.

  6. Same here. I bought a Sony X85j91 in Dec 2021. It will show ‘wifi disconnect’ while I’m watching the Youtube video every hour or so. It’s so annoying.

  7. I have the same problem. Wifi keeps drooping every night. I have to restart the TV. Any solution from SONY? Appreciate!!

  8. I thought I was being crazy. Granted my Sony TV is not placed in the best Wifi coverage area in the house, but none of the Samsung TV, laptops or phones have any issues in the same room. Works for a about 40 minutes just fine, then the Sony TV randomly drops and requires reboot or network reconfiguration to work again.

  9. You have to go into settings then network and internet. Then down to home network and scroll over to ip control and then select simple ip control to will say it consumes more power but it stopped it from happening and now that update v6.5770 just came out it started happening again…it was fixed…I’m upset hope someone can try this I reselcted option and maybe it will stop again.

  10. I have a Sony X85J that I bought in November 2021. Every day I have to turn it off at the power point as it shows no internet connection. When I go into the internet setting on the TV it does not allow me to join my network. I turn it off at the power point wait 30 seconds, turn it back on & it works again. Very frustrating.

  11. I have a Sony X85J that I bought in April 22. Each morning it shows no internet connection. Restart by holding green power button will allow the connection to occur but each morning ,- soo annoying!

  12. Definitely an issue I have the same problem over the past couple of months with my Sony x85j. Can someone point Sony developers to this comment section so they realize this is a widespread problem and that they need to fix the software update on these tvs?

  13. I have the same problem! I have a brand new Sony tv and have to restart it every time. Will never buy Sony again LG is so much better I have no problems at all with my LG

  14. Jan 9, 2023
    We just bought new Sony A80J OLED a month ago; and has Frequent Wifi disconnects. I google online, and mention to remover the power and restart. And it is fixed the wifi issue. But it will still happen from time to time. Sony needs to fix this bug. Without FIFI, TV is useless. So after turn off TV, I also turn off power strip to prevent the TV go to standby mode.
    We are so disappointed in SONY. i am going to submit the ticket for this.

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