5 Ways To Fix Vizio TV Dark Spots

vizio tv dark spots
vizio tv dark spots

Vizio TV is one of the prime choices for people who want to stream videos with high-quality resolution. There are multiple models available with unique features. On the contrary, Vizio TV dark spots is the real issue, and we are sharing the fixes for it!

Fix Vizio TV Dark Spots

1) Clean It Up

Before you start with the high-tech and complicated troubleshooting methods, why don’t you try cleaning the screen? We are suggesting this because some dirt or dust must be accumulated on the screen, which might be the reason behind the appearance of dark spots. You should use a microfiber and a soft cloth for cleaning the screen. In case the cleaning didn’t work, let’s check the troubleshooting methods!

2) Input

If there are dark spots on Vizio TV, there are chances of incorrect input settings. This is because incorrect input settings can negatively impact the resolutions and will lead to dark spots as well. That being said, we suggest that you tweak the input settings by changing the cables in the back. Also, consulting the manual will help you choose the correct input settings, so that’s a fine option as well.

3) Use DVR

In case you are using Vizio TV without a DVR, it might be why there are dark spots. It might sound confusing but using DRV helps streamline the streaming. So, if you have the DVR available, connect it to the Vizio TV and try using it again. If the dark spots are gone, it’s great. However, if the dark spots are still there, just use the next troubleshooting method!

4) Settings Adjustment

For the most part, the incorrect screen settings can result in dark spots. In some cases, it can even result in clouding. That being said, making adjustments in the screen settings will fix the dark spots. Usually, it occurs when you are using a higher brightness setting in the dark room, along with heavy contrast settings. Also, you can reduce the backlight level for a quick fix.

In case you don’t know how to reduce the backlight level, open the settings menu and move to the picture settings. From picture settings, reduce the level of the backlight. We suggest that you start with less reduction. So, you can keep reducing the backlight level until the dark spots disappear from the screen.

5) Light Sensors

In case changing the screen display settings didn’t resolve the dark spots, there are higher chances that the light sensors have gone bad. The light sensors are responsible for streaming the picture and keeping the resolution crisp. For this reason, if the dark spots won’t go away, you have to call the technician and get the light sensors checked. In case the Vizio TV is still in warranty, call them to repair light sensors.

The Bottom Line

The troubleshooting methods from this article should fix the dark spots on Vizio TV. On the contrary, if you are still unable to fix the dark spots, calling customer support of Vizio is the last resort. They can either offer replacement or repair, whatever your TV needs.

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