Element Smart TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: 3 Fixes

element smart tv keeps disconnecting from wifi
element smart tv keeps disconnecting from wifi

Element has been known for both designing and manufacturing TV units for its users. These have lots of features on them that are paired up with an intuitive interface. You can easily access all the information for your device by controlling it through the remote given to you. This can also be used to control the Smart TV features provided.

The only requirement for people Is having a stable internet connection in their homes. They can then proceed to use all the services provided by the brand. Recently, some Element Smart TV users have been complaining that their device keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. This is exactly why we will be using this article to help you out with the problem.

Element Smart TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

  1. Use Wired Connection

Having to use Wi-Fi on your device can be exciting. This lets you connect the television directly to your internet connection without having to install any wires. Additionally, it looks really clean, on the other hand, you should note that there are some downsides to using this type of connection.

The first one being that the speeds you will receive are most likely going to fluctuate a lot. On top of this, the connection is really weak and can disconnect at times. Before changing your connection, one recommendation is that you move your router closer to your TV.

This will ensure that the signals sent by the device do not get interrupted. If this still does not work then you should pair up your devices using an ethernet wire. You can purchase these from most electrical networking stores and they should be cheap. Just make sure that the brand of your cable is reliable. You will now be able to enjoy your internet connection without having to deal with any signal issues.

  1. Set Up an Additional Router

Sometimes using a wired connection might not be feasible for some people. This can be because the router is positioned in a location where the cables will look bad or their variant of Element smart TV does not support ethernet connections. For both these scenarios, they can set up an additional router in their home.

Many companies manufacture these products and you can even find some great features on them. The router can then be connected to your model and will act as a secondary signal tower. You can place the device much closer to your TV or right next to it. This will ensure that the problem you were getting does not happen again.

  1. Reboot Television

Finally, another thing that you can try is to reboot your device. This allows it to clear up its cache files and refresh the temporary memory on it. Usually, small configuration errors with the television can be wiped along with it. The procedure is really simple, you have to disconnect all the devices from your television and then switch it off. Remove the main power cable and wait for some time. Now power up your device and your internet should now work.

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